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    Grasshopper, caterpillar & butterfly

    Taken at AH on 10 July 2003.
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    AH newbie shots

    This shots were taken yesterday, 9 July 2003, Wed. Not impressive thou' . . .I find the shots rather plain. Was having a reli hard time and feeling reli lost for my 1st try shooting butterflies in AH under the skorching Anyway, I must say they are reli skittish...
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    Latest prices for Smartmedia?

    Anyone knoes? 128mb and 64mb?
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    Botanical Gardens 30 March 2002

    Nothing new. Only Dragonflies and lily shots. Ext. fill flash was used for the dragonflies and the group shot.
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    Where to print digital photo?

    I'm sending a photo to NYP's photography comp. But I'm not sure where to send it, I'm only printing 1 8R photo. I'm considering Soo Kee or Colorlab?
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    BoTaNiCal GarDenS sHo0t - 03 March 2002

    After 2 months MIA, hehe finally did some shooting with the guys today. Out of the group, I only know Kongg and Bluestrike, lolz, pengz. Anyway, here are the photos, dun worry, I'll be MIA for 1 1/2months more. hehe. Gimme some comments too on the pics k!
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    How does a digital camera/film camera works?

    Is there any website that explains how a digital camera and film camera works? or does anyone has a book that explains this, dun mind can lend me for a few weeks?
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    Argh!!!....I feel so sad....

    My monitor spoil liaoz. Shit man... Was doing my work suddenly the screen shirink the left and right hand side of my monitor elongated and the center portion of the screen is compressed. To make it worst, every few mins got a funny smell come out from the monitor.... :( Now...