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    Olympus C-2100UZ Resource Page

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    Silver Color Lens Adapter for Oly C-750UZ

    Hi Olympians, I noticed that besides the Oly CLA-4, others OEM lens adapters come in black color as well. Is there any silver color ones in the market that match the silver color of the DC better? If any available in SG, what's the brand/model and ballpark pricing for it? Apreciate...
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    Compatibility Information Resource Thread

    Here's a link to a FAQ site for Olympus FourThird systems:
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    Guidelines For Posting In The Olympus Forum

    Dear Olympians and Olympians-to-be, I realized that since the beginning of this forum, there isn't any clearly drawn-up guidelines given, and some forumers might had unwittingly done things that may not be consistent with the purpose of this forum. Therefore, I have drafted some guidelines...
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    Happy New Year!

    I would like to wish all Olympians a very Happy 2004, and may all your pictures taken turn out to be fabulous!!! :vhappy: :cheergal: :cheers:
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    Anyone got problem creating new threads and posts?

    Received a PM saying that there's a problem creating new threads and posts. Anyone here got problem???
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    Fat Temple Cat

    Caught this plump feline snoozing using my trusty C-2100UZ on the 1st day of's a temple cat belong to the Shuang Lin Temple in Toa Payoh. The funny thing is in its position...didn't know kitties can zzzz like that too. :D Shutter: 1/500 sec Aperture: F4.5 ISO: 100 Post...
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    Happy Lunar New Year!!!

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish all HWZ forumers of all races Good Health, Good Luck and a very Happy Lunar New Year. To those who're schooling, I wish all of you Execellent Results for all yor upcoming exams. To those who're working, I wish all of you Promotions, Huge...
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    The House Rabbit Society of Singapore

    *Disclaimer* : I'm not an official at both organizations. The House Rabbit Society of Singapore is recruiting members and volunteers now, come to the website and declare ur love for bunnies. Their mission as quoted from their website: "The House Rabbit Society of Singapore is an...
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    FYI: Olympus Launching C-4000Z Soon

    It's similar in funxtions with a C-3020Z, but with a 4MP CCD this time. 3x optical zoom, F2.8. Look here for details:
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    Is An Unborned Fetus A Life????

    *Mods pls don't kill this thread* Think you ppl should see this....... Extracted from the web site: "The tiny hand of a fetus reaches out from a mother's womb to clasp a surgeon's healing finger. It shows a 21-week-old fetus in its mother's womb, about to undergo a spine operation...
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    Nikon Coolpix 5700 DC - 5MP with 8x Optical Zoom

    Looks like they merged the Coolpix 500 chasis with a big zoom lens... See the review here...
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    Olympus DC Owners With Noise / Hot Pixels Problems Please Look Here

    This applies to other brands DCs too... Do urselves a favor and d/l these programs, pls, if u have not done so yet. HotPixels Eliminator: BlackFrame NR: Hot pixels and noise will...
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    Has Anybody Here Heard Of The "International Library of Photography"???

    Cos I received a letter from them that the pix of my pet bunny titled "Plump Bunny" is one of their finalist pix and will be published in their upcoming "Chronicle of Seasons" picture book. See the link here: Or the actual pix.... The...