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    TY Beanies

    Hi, Anyone knows any shops that sells TY BEANIES in singapore? Thanks! :)
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    WTSell: Lens - Canon 17-85mm USM IS

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 17-85mm USM IS Price (S$): 400 Description: Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 17-85mm USM IS Price (S$): 400 Description: 9/10 quality no scratches comes with...
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    wad is e-ttl?

    hi, sorry ah... newbie question here... wad is the meaning of E-TTL ? and i heard g2 doesn't support e-ttl flash, means wad can't it do? thanks! cos thinking of getting 420EX. Thanks ya...:D
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    Help: PC upgrade...

    Sorry bout the banal, Does anyone knows wad PC upgrade specs can i get for 1300? just PC. no monitor, printer, mouse... prefably Pentium PC... but which motherboard? Heard Ram is cheap now... so would be getting lots! Harddisk bout 60G... (still the usual brands? maxtor?) anything or...
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    Olympus new Film/DigiCams

    Hi, have anyone tried the olympus new film/digi cams? How's the images? any pros and cons? The weatherproof thingy is rather tempting... :what: Film Example: µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 170 Film camera Digital µ-20 DIGITAL, µ-10 DIGITAL Digicam
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    can see pic ?

    can see pic ?
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    Which Broadband u prefer?

    As above.... if possible, reasons why? always hear pple say.... SCV is faster locally n slower with oversea sites and ADSL is the opposite... slower locally n faster with oversea sites? SCV pros: - no need dial up (not a big prob) - unlimited - stable (for me at least...)...
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    Anybody willing to lend or rent out CF cards?

    anybody? = P going on holiday ah... cannot be too unreasonable price hor...:D
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    How to learn to use manual mode???

    Hi peeps, not sure if this is a dumb question (hope i'd be forgiven...) But i kinda have a problem learning to use the manual mode of my G2. For digital, i guess it would be easier as the aperture, shutter speed and other specs are in the properties... so do i have to memorise the settings...
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    Openlens problem and hosts for pics?

    Hi... got a problem which is i can't seem to find my photo album in openlens. and does anybody find openlens to load really slow? Any other free sites to host pics which can be linked directly? It would be much easier for pple comment on pics linked directly to the post instead of...
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    Lantern Fest at Chinese Garden

    Taken at Chinese Garden where they had lantern festival with a disney theme. :what:
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    Nothing related to Photography. Night cycling...

    Have anybody organised night cycling before? I'm intending to organise one... but not sure about the routes... Probably will start from ECP and den to the usual spots... like changi village or towards sheares bridge to town... Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    Yet another night shot of our skyline

    A nightshot i took with fellow clubsnappers a while ago, realised i have yet to share it... the top of the buildings are rather over exposed... = P :D click here for pic
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    Hamster babies!!!

    My hamsters became parents yesterday! Got 4 little babies!!! Can't really get a better shot as the babies can't be touched or moved... but so cute!!! click here for babies pic! :rbounce:
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    Boxing bud!

    Took this shot accidentally... lol.. but when i saw the pic... reminds me of a boxer... ehehee... click here for pic :what:
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    Underwater Housing for G2

    Hi, just wondering anybody used this before? any underwater housing for G2... $750 ah... worth it? Ikelite housing #1642 click here
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    Taken at Botanic Gardens before the showers... I like the sunlight and the reflection ... please feel free to comment. :what:
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    wad should a photographer do in times of...

    a accident/disaster? I guess most of us have seen sad pictures of tragic accidents and disasters... but does anyone feel why the photographer who took the shot didn't help in such a situation and instead just stood and take pictures? Any comments or opions? :what:
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    Canon G1 with SLR lens???

    Hello everybody, A question on canon powershot G1: check out this setup, this guy say he use a slr lens with G1. is this possible? taken from this webpage: taken from this webpage Thanx!:what:
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    just checked with alan photo, selling Canon 1.5x TC-58 for $145 Vitacon 2.0x for $195. is this the normal pricings? Thanx in advance! :what: