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    Nikkor 50mm f1.4D Vs Nikkor 50mm f1.4G

    1.4D is less sharp wide open but slightly faster AF than 1.4G. Neither has great bokeh. If your intention is to use it wide open, get the 1.4G.
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    NSC can do a better job

    The focus here is going beyond the common customer expectations. I can't think of people who would frown at having their sensor cleaned foc unless of course it was damaged during the process but that's another matter altogether. In the same vein, if you have a shirt or suit that's missing a...
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    Nikon 24-70mm Problem with Barrel Rubbing

    Well, it is an issue for many 24-70 users. It may not be that bad to require an entire barrel replacement. I just had my lens' helicoil replaced a month plus ago because of stiffness during zoom. Hope you get yours resolved soon and let us know the outcome.
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    NSC can do a better job

    Well, it wld be great customer service if they do. 2 weeks ago, I'd sent my body to Nikon USA with a lens to hv the lens calibrated. The body had its sensor cleaned and checked for free even though it was only supposed to be a calibration job for the lens. No adjustments made on the body.
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    Anyone got their hands on the 16-35 f4 yet? (nt)

    This is interesting. The 17-35 is marketed as a pro lens by Nikon alongside the 16-35 and yet the optical quality suggests otherwise. Is the only advantage of the 17-35 its speed then? Hv seen on dpreview forum that some fellow had tested them both side by side and said the 17-35 was quite abit...
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    Colours of Myanmar

    The pics are great! My personal fav is no 10. Great work!
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    HDR processed city-scapes - what is your opinion?

    Yeah. That's true. Some of the pics cld use a soft-edge GND filter although not all can. I was wondering with city-scapes and potentially fast-moving clouds, wouldn't HDR be also an issue with blurring (although i suppose it isn't generally noticeable if you don't pixel-peep)?
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    HDR processed city-scapes - what is your opinion?

    Suppose if you like it, it doesn't matter what others think. Don't like most HDR pics as i think they don't look natural. Pretty good as art though. If you cld make it look natural, then it'd be great although i'd still prefer the use of a GND filter over HDR (if your intent is to broaden the DR...
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    taking indoor pictures of baby -need advice

    I use ISO 800 routinely on my D70 to take pictures of my baby. There is some natural light coming through the blinds. Am on 1.8 mostly and the pictures are sharp enough at least the face is sharp throughout. Where exactly do you focus? Perhaps you cld experiment with different focussing points...
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    [Numnumball] - Virgin trip to West America 19-29 Dec 09

    No. By Frisco, i meant San Francisco.
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    [Numnumball] - Virgin trip to West America 19-29 Dec 09

    10 days is quite long to spend in just LA. Did you go anywhere else? I stay in LA btw. There shld be many other attractions around. Did you go vegas or Frisco? Shld be great this time of year.
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    Canon 7D Commercials

    wow. very impressive the video. and the 7D of course...
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    Buying equipment in Japan

    A good reference i normally use is Some of the stuff online can be cheaper in Japan for instance Nikon filters. Some lenses esp 3rd party lenses can also be cheaper. The last time i bought something from Tokyo was in Mar this year. Got the D90 body at USD$750 which was about $1100...
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    Today is a bad day!

    You are truly a good fren. Not everyone i know wld lend their beloved cameras and eqpt to their frens. If he is a good fren, he'd compensate u.
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    70-200 VR 2 Audible click after focussing

    Thanks for the reply! Didn't notice on the VR1. Suppose i only took it in the day and too much ambient noise ard to notice.
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    70-200 VR 2 Audible click after focussing

    Dear 70-200 vr2 users and Nikon sifus, May i ask if your 70-200 vr 2 has a click after focussing when VR is turned on? I think it is the VR mechanism engaging before focus and disengaging after focus but didn't quite experience it on my VR 1 before. Is it normal?
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    Nikon D700 Scratch on the mirror?

    Yes! It doesn't affect shooting but then again, i'm new to this and am not sure if there is any effect however minimal on the AF. Thanks for the clarification!
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    Nikon D700 Scratch on the mirror?

    Hi all, just wanted to check with D700 owners if they see what looks like a line/scratch on their D700 mirrors? From certain angles, it doesn't seem like a scratch but if you are looking from the top of the camera down and at the mirror, it seems to resemble one. Could you share your...