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    Tioman Shots

    Hi guys, Went to Tioman with a couple guys last weekend. Took WAY too many shots. Editing nightmare boy! haha Neway here are the more presentable few. Please do not be shy and critize with full power! Would need your help to improve. :) Tioman Shots - Bob ps kinda lazy...
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    Morning Market Shoot

    Hi guys, Just wondering whether you all know of any wet markets to shoot. Hoping to potray them while they're stocking their items and preparing for the daily sales. Preferbly the wetter and more crowded it is the better. It'll be best if it's not totally blocked off by tall buildings so...
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    Graphic Tablet

    Hey guys, Thinking of using the graphic pen as I'm totally spastic with my mouse! Any ideas which are good. Or even better, good and cheap. ;p Thnx! - Bob
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    Insurance for my camera

    Hi guys, going on a trip to Malaysia this weekend. Just wondering whether u guys have any experience with insurance coverage for ur equipment like camera and laptop. Heard NTUC has a pretty good plan. It covers mostly death and more unpleasent things though. For laptops, think there's a...
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    Azure's School Shoot 1 - Ripper's Take

    Hi guys, new to photography. Got to say after seeing my pix, think can do much better. Got lots more to learn from u guys man. Was playing with motion blur, so pai seh if too many of the shots has the same feel. :embrass: School Shots - Bob ps sorry can't direct link from...
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    Price of 420EX

    Hi guys, any of u have idea where's selling the cheapest 420EX? Heard can get for around 300 now issit. For those who got e latest e-quotes, would be so grateful if u can forward to me. Thnx! :D ps any complains bout this baby so far?
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    Need Urgent HELP!

    Hey guys, got my 10D for nearly a week. Was doing some tests shots just now coz wanted to shoot night shots later, when to my horror I found this! Is this what they call dead pixels? Sorry I can't direct link, but hope u guys can visit me at pbase. Please click here These are 100%...
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    Roadside Acrobat

    Hi guys, my first photo post. Hope i'm in the correct gallery. ps: newbie here. Wants to sign up with pbase so can direct link. Any complains bout their service?
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    Upcoming Performances

    Hey guys, doing a little project on Performing artists. Anyone knows if there are any shows coming soon? Like those chinese opera shows, roadside mimes, etc. Was thinking of shooting those roadside acrobats, but only know that there's one near Sim Lim, and another one along Orchard. You guys...
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    Is $2750 for 10D good?

    Hey guys, been trying to get a quote from CP for the LONGESSTTTT time. But they like bochap me. haiz, neway went to John 3:16 and they asking for $2750. What is the market price now huh? :dunno:
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    Astin's photoshoot

    Hey guys, just wondering. Any photos from those who went for the shoot? Really interested as wanted to go, but wrong timing ;(
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    Top 10 Camera Shops

    Hey guys, super newbie here. Read a lot of msgs with popular shops like TCW (the camera workshop?), Alan Photo, Cathay... But have no idea where these places are. Just a suggestion, can we make a sticky of the more popular shops? One for selling first hands, one for 2nd hands? Thnx! ;)
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    Nikon Coolpix 2500 or Canon PowerShot S30

    Hey guys, intending to get a compact camera.. just wondering which of the 2 is better? I know there's a slight diff in resolution but doesn't really matter to me i guess. Most impt is picture quality. Which would u guys reccomend? will be printing 4R photos at most.... thnx! :D
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    S40 Price?

    Heya ppl... anybody knows a rough price for the S40? coz may be goign down to Peninsula tom with my friend as he wanna get the cam. thnx... :)