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    Firmware upgrade for 20D

    Ello pplz... Just got my 20D and the firmware version is 1.0.2. I've followed the instructions on the canon website and downloaded the firmware version 1.0.5 to my CF card. When i inserted the CF card to my cam and wanted to upgrade the firmware, it tells me that the firmware can't be updated...
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    Brian & Cherlyn's Outdoor Wedding Shots

    All are taken on the same day of their ROM. Some are taken before ROM & some are take after lunch :D . Please comment... thank u... The Moment... Don't Shy Away So Relaxing
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    Brian & Cherlyn's ROM

    This is my 1st time shooting my friend's ROM and wedding.. hehehe.. good experience & fun ... a special thanks to Aosis who lent his 7Hi for this shooting, sebastian, espn, lorbert & the rest for giving me tips on what to shoot & what to expect... Comments & critiques are welcomed. Enjoy the...
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    Okie... i know watz this.. this's a caterpillar i shot in the gardes.... :D
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    Grasshopper or Cricket?

    Ermm.... pls dun ask me this is a grasshopper or a cricket... i dunno.... i just shoot.. lolx
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    Men at work

    Taken these during my trip to Kukup. Saw these guys are building a house on top of the sea.
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    Another Newbie's Model Shooting Session

    This is my first time shooting models. Thanks to lorbert and ruth for the pointers & explaination given during the shootout. A big thanks to ruth who lent her 10D for me to shoot... it felt very good and had a great time shooting with it. Most of the shots which made it was frm her cam...
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    Ewa Marine Housing and Wetsuits

    Hi guys, I'm interested in purchasing an ewa-marine housing and a wetsuit for diving. Any recomended places where i can get the housing a a wetsuit (fullsuit <SGD 250). Thanks in advance and Happy CNY to u all.
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    1. Green Cameleon/Lizard Shot this at Taman Negara, Jerantut, Pahang. 2. JB Across the Causeway 3. Fishing Boats Taken on my trip at Sg. Nipah, Port Dickson. 4. Portrait- Fuji Gals 1st shot at "real" flash photography using my new external flash. Taken on the day itself...
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    Compilation Of Website On Everything U Need To Know Especially For Dimage Users!

    Hi guys, I got this URL frm a dpreview forum. Thought tht this will benefit all the Minolta users especially the current Dimage 5/7/7xx users here. The link consists of a compilation of all the info u'll ever gonna need for ur dimage series cameras ;)...
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    SIGMA EF 500 SUPER DG (Minolta Mount) IS OUT!!!!!

    Hi guys, This flash is on sale in Singapore. :rbounce: FotoGuide are carrying them. I asked the uncle and he told me its SGD 330. Anyone planning to buy then?
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    DIY Remote Trigger for Dimage 5/7/7xx

    Found this article to be interesting & beneficial for those of us who owns the Dimage series cam. Nope, i din't wrote this DIY, i'm just sharing this URL. Any questions, email the author: Raymond Yong : :D Happy DIY :bsmilie...
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    Route to Chinatown 18 Jan 2003

    These are the photos tht I took along with some other CS members on last Sat's shooting outing. Although the day was overcast & rained. I had much fun shooting =) I'm having some login problems wif so I've gotta link it to Feel free to critique and comment...
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    Interesting TC website for Dimage series Check out the comparision on different Teleconverters for the Dimage 7HI.
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    Something I caught during my trip to Taman Negara. Critiques and suggestions welcomed.
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    Dimage Links

    Forus, These are the links I promised u. (Those of u who are using the Dimage 5/7xx series, these links will help u too.) 1. (Dpreview Minolta Forum Link) 2. (Unofficial Moderated Minolta...
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    Factory explosion!

    These are some of the shots i got during an ink factory explosion a few months back. Jus sharing wif u guys. Feel free to critique. :D This is the rear view of the factory where it exploded. The firemen were still trying to calm the flames after more than 4 hours.