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    Nature- Starved Rock

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    Chicago Skyline

    Hi all, thanks for the comments and suggestions. Will definitely try from those angles suggested. Here's the cropped pic, how does it look?
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    Chicago Skyline

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    Colorful Yunnan- ,

    Hi would you mind sharing the settings for this sky shot? It's really awesome. Thank you
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    Mackinac Island

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    Cat drining from fountain

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    Mackinac Island

    comments & criticism welcome..... thank you
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    Mackinac Island

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    Mackinac Island

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    Mackinac Island

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    Does photos of flower belongs here?

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    View from the Top

    Chicago City.... Night view Day view
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    Some Lake view...

    Hi, Thanx. This is a small lake in Carol Stream, Illinois USA. There are a lot of geese around the lake during the day... You can also see the sun set from here... Here's a not so nice sunset shot i have
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    Some Lake view...

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    Hi there, pardon my greenhorn question. But can you share how u achieve that soft dreamy effect in the picture? Was there any post processing done? And if yes, how do u go about doing it? Thank you.
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    She's got the eyes...

    Hi, mind sharing with me how u made the picture texture so soft? Thanx a lot!
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    Buying New DIgiCam and going on Trip

    Hi, mind telling me where you get the Canon A80 at that price? I've been asking around and getting quotes of $699-749. Thanx.
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    SFW - UK Expression

    hey, your pics are so sharp and precise! It's just like watching it live!! :thumbsup:
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    13th month bonus is a bullsh*t

    Hey guys, ever wonder why there is a 13th month bonus? Well, chew on this: Companies give out 13th month bonus instead of higher monthly salary so that they could have more cash to support their working capital during the year. And assuming they do nothing with that so called extra month...