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    going to japan

    hi there i be going to japan frm the 18-26th this month and i was wondering what sort of power plugs do i need to have in order to charge things like my camera, ipod, hp etc. do they use the 2 pin round head power plugs, 3 pins? or the 2 pin flat head? hope ya guys can help me out thanks ;)
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    where to buy film and development and print in KL

    anyone has any idea? need reply urgent. i will be heading to kl tml morning and i wish to know where to get film and also to develop and print them in kl. will be there in kl for a week. thanks
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    smoking old man

    havent been posting much's one smoking old man did a little adjustments to the curves and levels. added grains. found tt the original colour version did not give a bigger impact. hope ya guys like it
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    wts: original music cds

    all cds are original music cds in good working condition madonna - ray of light creed - human clay linkin park - hybrid theory backstreet boys - millennium (special edition) westlife - world of our own (special edition) backstreet boys - black and blue reveille - bleed the sky...
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    post your favourite cafe

    as above...favourite hangout cafes... mine is coffee club xpress at kino @ taka and coffee bean at serangoon gardens... start posting pple....heh
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    does pbase works anymore?

    as above if it doesnt there any free image hosting sites... thanks
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    nokia 7250

    anyone owns one? wad are your views bout the phone? thankz... btw...not a april fools' joke...:D
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    post your favourite makan place here

    juz curious where are your favourite place for makan..frm hawker style to fine dining..anywhere as long as it's a makan place.. hehe... maybe give some recommendations also :D
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    taken at my aunt's BBQ on new year's eve. izzit ok for the lack of sharpness in the shots? cause i didnt wan to use flash and it was night time. hope u like them. kids welcome all comments :)
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    Fuji Neopan Acros 100

    anyone used them b4? how bout the prices? thankz
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    gd time to go Botanic Gardens 2ml?

    as above...:dunno: juz nt sure if it's gonna rain 2ml.. anyone interested if i'm going..juz felt like shooting nature...:D
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    TV Antenna

    pls comments hor....thanks :D
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    *+* When You Look Up *+*

    shots taken today....
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    Paul Frank....

    ....the monkey??
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    cousin 2

    taken when my cousins came over to my house.....skool holidays liao... 'time to bring out the sunglasses' 'wah damn tired ah!!!' 'how many fingers do i have' 'i think we are not alone here.....:what:' most of them were edited using blur in PS....
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    here's one taken of my subwoofer.....juz wanted to take something diff frm tried this....
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    We Are All Made Of Stars

    this is taken 2 days ago......outside my window...saw this two planets.....Venus and Jupiter....if i'm not wrong.....
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    Nokia - Connecting People

    this one taken off Necroist's handphone....
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    here's one taken while i was walking frm the Suntec City to Raffles Place.....didnt wan to walk through CityLink....juz wanted to see the surroundings and i caught this pic.....