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    ClubSNAP goes LIVE @ SAM

    :thumbsup: time to catch up with all the old friends @ CS! ;)
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    Gaming Convention Asia 2007

    Nice Captures! :thumbsup:
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    GCA 2007 @ Suntec City (6 - 9 Sep)

    Hi Leejay, yes, I am doing the marketing for 10TACLE . :) haha.. you didn't catch me coz I am running around the whole booth most of the time.
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    GCA 2007 @ Suntec City (6 - 9 Sep)

    They are from agency. :)
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    GCA 2007 @ Suntec City (6 - 9 Sep)

    Haha.. coz its my booth... ;) Nice to meet you too.. I tried to identify some CS photographers but when I went up to approach, some gave me a hell attitude ( which I seriously dun appreciate).. anyway, thanks for being nice. :)
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    Shooting showgirls

    Hey Sion, i think I'm being understanding by saying that there is nothing morally wrong with shooting them, but making them uncomfortable just for the photographers to fill dozens of 8GB cards? I really do not know how to be understanding towards this request, coz the models will run to the...
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    Shooting showgirls

    IMHO, there is nothing morally wrong with shooting showgirls or booth babes, just that it will become rather uncomfortable for the girls when there is constant shooting even when they are taking their break.. or worse, some photographers just keep shooting away, which makes the girls...
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    GCA 2007 @ Suntec City (6 - 9 Sep)

    Left to right: Casse, Feliza,Kayly,Michelle,Jocelyn,Iko,Nicole,Jolin,Christabel, Irys & Shan. These are the names of the girls at the 10TACLE STUDIOS booth. ;)
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    Games Convention Asia 2007

    Hey all, Anyone went to Games Convention Asia 2007?:dunno:
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    "Beyond the Shutter Click" Reporting Live From Suntec

    Yes sir.. was there.. Long time since I've been to a CS event.. The event was a good one..;) Good to catch up with all the Cs-ers too!
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    Help!! Anyone knows of any places that sells snoopy products??

    Thank for the reply. But Snoopy Place is no longer in Sg right? I tried Google-ing as well.. but its all online purchase.. my friend is looking for a physical store that sells Snoopy here.
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    Help!! Anyone knows of any places that sells snoopy products??

    Hi all, One of my friend is desparately looking for a snoopy boutique or a store that sells a good collection of snoopy products. Anyone has any idea? :dunno: Thanks!;)
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    Red-Eyed, Emerald Demons

    Nice Shots!!! :thumbsup:
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    King Kong

    It is indeed a very very nice show.. It's a must watch.. Also the game is great too.. exactly like the movie but its a totally different experience. :thumbsup:
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    how many clubsnappers are also gamers?

    Wow.. Didn't know there are so many gamers in Cs.. Anyway.. was reading through the posts and thought I could input something.. Xbox 360: Expected launch will be in March 06' but expect parallel imports in December 05' Games to expect this year coming out on Xbox 360: Peter Jackson's King...
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    haha.. hmm.. i think he is still waiting for her to appear!!! haha Thanks for the comment. ;)
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    Hi All, It has been ages since I have posted anything.. well here it goes.. Not very well taken but at least it brightens up my mood.. Cheers!
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    Anyone knows what is Neodymium speaker technology???

    As above.. :dunno:
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    congrats to willy foo

    What can I say... :thumbsup: CONGRATS!