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    Irresponsible Photographer

    'as i last min change my wedding date' this is very frustrating for the initially engaged photographer as well just becos he was engaged on the planned date and he had to bear the brunt of getting a replacement photogarpher for you in the last minute. But then again I believe there should be...
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    Nikon Coolpix S1

    How is the performance of this face priorty focus function? Is this very effective. Thought of getting it, anyone here has it? What is the strret price ?
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    MO3: Contax (improved w/lock), Nikon to EOS adapter

    I will take 1. Nikon to EOS - S$40 / pc
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    Medium Format Scanning Promotion~!!

    Kex where do I bring them to you. I have about 30 pieces of 6x7 for scanning. :cool:
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    Wow lots of 10D sales in buy & sell

    Could it be the underlying reasons are the coming Canon 3D or the 10D is phasing out of production in the foreseeable future?
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    Transcend 45x 1GB CF

    Any warranty ? Interested to have 1.
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    Newbie shot - Odd one out

    Well done and nice composition too. Keep them coming.
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    Any LORBANG for 1GB CF via MO ??

    What is the current price of the transcend 1 gb CF 30x and 45x?
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    Where to find 10D?

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    52X Ridata Compact Fla

    I think $293 in USD is far more than $399 in SGD.LOL.:bsmilie:
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    FREE!!!!!.....Intro to Photography....

    Hi Sulhan, hope that I can tag along with ely3791, my 12 year old daughter as an observer. She just PM you. Thumbs up for taking time to benefit the newbies.:thumbsup:
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    Best Transcend 30X Deal => All come in !

    Hey, I have already cancelled my order in the previous post. Now I removed my name altogether. Thank you. 1GB CF 1) CM 1GB CF (1pcs) 2) Ng 1GB CF (1pcs) 3) Cy 1GB CF (1pcs) 4) knighthunter 1GB CF 5) mpenza 1GB CF (1 pc) (could only collect after 1 June) ------ cancelled order 6)...
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    DI seeks Photographer

    Yes, I am interested. Please call me to discuss further. PM you with my number already.;)
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    Best Transcend 30X Deal => All come in !

    Cancelled of order 1GB CF 1) CM 1GB CF (1pcs) 2) Ng 1GB CF (1pcs) 3) Cy 1GB CF (1pcs) 4) knighthunter 1GB CF 5) mpenza 1GB CF (1 pc) (could only collect after 1 June) 6) vince123123 1GB x 1 7) Longman 1GB (1pc) 8) lukexav 1GB CF (1pc) 9) Streetshooter 1GB (1pc) 10) Jethro 1 GB CF...
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    Kodak to Write Off Investment in Hewlett-Packard Kiosk Venture

    So don't sell away your film-based SLR's yet because Kodak also acquire ASF and a technology that process your film without turning them into negatives. Dry processing and images written on CD for printing.:thumbsup:
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    Best Transcend 30X Deal => All come in !

    ) CM 1GB CF (1pcs) 2)Natas James 512MB CF (1pcs) 3)Teo Puay Hing 512MB CF (2pcs) 4) AndyHo 512MB CF and 256MB CF (1pc each) 5) LEO 512MB CF (1pcs) 6) Ng 1GB CF (1pcs) 7) osmond19 512MB CF (1pcs) 8) Chee Khiang 512MB CF (1pcs) 9) bja 512MB CF (2pcs) 10) Cy 1GB CF (1pcs) 11) Voo 256MB CF...
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    Copulating in flight

    Talking about SIA - Sex In the Air...:D
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    Pros & cons on E10 and E20

    Yes I find it grainy at that ISO. What is the price of a new E-10 now? I thought of selling mine.
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    Kodak Royal or Fuji Archival Paper?? Please advise.

    For those who use lab with Frontier machine should try out the Fuji Supreme paper with is about almost the same thickness as the Kodak Royal paper. These are premium paper. Whereas the Fuji Crystal Archive Paper is thinner and similar to the Kodak Professional Paper which is cheaper in cost vs...
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    X-Men2 tonight!

    Yes I was at the Xmen2 Preview. I like the show. Also saw many TCS artistes there too.:bsmilie: