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    WTSell: Lens - Canon 17-40mm F4 L

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 17-40mm F4 L Price (S$): $550 Description: Have 17-40mm F4 L for sale.. few years old. Can't remember when I bought it but I still have the box. Couldn't find the receipt or warranty card...
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    Homage To Nature

    Inviting CSer to attend the exhibition below 8th January 2009 till 30th January 2009 - 10am till 9pm Admission: Free Venue: Woodlands Regional Library
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    WTSell: Compact - Canon IXUS 870 IS

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Compact Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: IXUS 870 IS Price (S$): Offer me Description: Brand new 870 IS, win from Company D&D Lucky Draw. Company bought it from Vivocity Best Denki. Just opened the box to verify the content...
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    Cool baby

    Look at the color :D
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    Osaka Castle

    Hi all, I dont have any arty farty night shot but just want to share this shot :) Just ordinary shot, hope you guys dont mind. No tripod, just rest on the stone to take Tv(Shutter Speed) 1/10Sec. Av(Aperture Value) F8.0 Metering Modes Evaluative metering...
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    Tioman Island

    Nothing to do at night, this is what I got :) taken using my old Canon G2
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    Chicago city

    Re-processed my old photos after i know a better RAW workflow. C&C are welcome.
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    Third party battery for S40?

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    Canon DPP update version 2.2

    Ah Finally it's out :) Can't wait to try the dust removal feature.
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    Singapore City

    Crowding the new forum :D
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    Lalang sunset

    C&C are welcome :D
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    Experience using Kingston Ultimate series CF card

    Hi all, Can somebody feedback about Kingston Ultimate series CF/SD card in Canon system. Especially the speed? Would like to know if anybody got any failure problem? Thanks a lot :D
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    Digital Darkroom Desktop System advise

    Hi all, Oh yes, I want to get a new desktop which will help me speed up my photo processing. I gave up on laptop liao :( Have a few questions in mind, I'm really behind the technology now. Look at Fuwell list price really make like a dumb man. So many thing that I dont understand. Tried to...
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    Some lizard

    They are always my subject when bored. Never failed to amused me :D A**hole photog... disturb my lunch (he/she was eating worms )
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    NTU alumni event

    Just so share event shot covered last year end 30 Dec. Comments are welcome for improvements
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    Improving laptop photo processing speed?

    Hi All, Need an advise here to improve my current laptop. Currently it's Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz with 5200 Rpm harddisk and Memory around 680Mb+ (due to video card is shared 128Mb). My questions: 1. By upgrading the hardisk to 7200 RPM helps? 2. Upgrading the RAM? 3. Using external harddisk...
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    Tripod mount replacement on body?

    Hi, Anybody ever try to replace the tripod mount on the body? How much does it cost if I bring it to canon? Can i replace it myself, i.e. buy the part at camera shop? The tripod mount on my camera body is wear out already... can't screw in. Search the forum but doesn't seem to find...
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    Big spider

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    FYI: Symptons of Shutter dying (Err 99)

    Canonians, I just replaced my shutter for my canon 10D. I tried to search this forum and does not have any info on this. Pardon me if I missed it. Anyway the symptons are: 1) Getting constant Error 99 I have search in google seems like Err 99 is not always means one thing, it could be...