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    Lightroom filters protected images?

    Was looking for a solution for this too... figured out a way. Lightroom doesn't copy the right protect status from the media card, so after importing, you have to use an advanced file explorer (I used FreeCommander XE) 1. Show the files which are protected on the card and OVERWRITE the files...
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    How old is ClubSNAP?

    Damn... was trying to link my FB account to my nick but it gives me.
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    How old is ClubSNAP?

    Simon.. I was looking for a 'Like' button :) Maybe should consider in the next upgrade..
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    HTC Sensation

    Hey guys.. some shots I've taken with the HTC Sensation on my trip to Cambodia.. I had the fujifilm x100 with me too, but had so much fun with the Sensation that the x100 barely came out of it's pouch All photos straight out of camera.. no retouch at all More photos on my facebook page...
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    How old is ClubSNAP?

    lol... the new account can't post links.. got to switch back to this.. Will be giving a talk about entrepreneurship... will be sharing a little history..
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    How old is ClubSNAP?

    Hmm... how do I see the join date of this account.. easiest way is to do a post i guess
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    An Evening With Willy Foo - The Art of Balance

    Hi Everyone, Hope you've enjoyed the session as much as I have I've posted up the slides at You may look for me on my facebook profile at Cheers, Willy
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    "Ganbatte Japan" ClubSNAP Volunteer List and Schedule

    26 March (Saturday) 11am - 4pm For example: Adam Goi (Admin and Supervision and Printer Management) 1. James AkA: peterpan1975 (IT support and Printer Management) 2. Allen AkA: Allenleonhart (IT support and Facebook Management) 3. denniskee = denniskee (photo, promote) 4. John Teoh aka...
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    Wishes For Japan - ClubSNAP Photo Fund Raising Project - Calling For Volunteers

    No problems.. will send a message for volunteers on monday. Most photographers are out shooting now. Will also encourage people to come to support us and donate.
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    Wishes For Japan - ClubSNAP Photo Fund Raising Project - Calling For Volunteers

    1.allenleonhart both days both timeslots ok. Looking to help out it department so if last minute cannot make it also can operate from home/school 2.peng kang hill (aka dominic) - available saturdays 11:00a.m. To 4:00p.m. Can help to approach donors & take their photos (contact 96880569)...
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    Talk On Photography and Mountaineering

    Don't miss this Stefen's talks are very inspirational.. Would have attended if I wasn't in cambodia
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    Looking for Studio with chairs/backdrop + lights for family shoot for 30pax

    Any recommendations? May split into 3 layers with kids in front of the chairs and adults standing behind chairs.
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    Netbook... anyone tried?

    My company uses several netbooks.. Among them Asus EEPC with Solid State hard disk.. several Acer Aspires, HP Mini. I feel the solid state hard disk makes a difference.. smaller capacity but speed makes up for it.. I use the eepc for batch processing via photoshop.. quite ok.. Will try...
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    Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2009 Opening

    Wonderful image of Supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler.. Best I've seen so far of her during the entrance!!
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    28 Photographers to be chosen for Photo Competition to win a Nikon D3

    7 Photographers each day will have an exclusive 1 hr time slot over 4 days with an Audi A3 Cabriolet at the Audi Fashion Festival 2009. Winner will win a Nikon D3. More details at
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    Hobby photographer kena robbed in China and turn to face book for help

    Sometimes it's hard to fathom the situation when you're not in it. There is also limited space on the newspapers and information that they can gather. I've posted a whole explaination at
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    Learn photography on Twitter

    Been updating photography tips at If there are any tips you'd like to contribute, you can send it to Cheers! Willy Foo
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    WTBuy: Accessory - Nikon WT-4A

    Nikon WT-4A/B/C is ok.
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    WTBuy: Accessory - Nikon WT-4A

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Accessory Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: WT-4A Budget (S$): Pls quote Description: Looking for Nikon's WIFI transmitter WT-4 Real Name: Willy Foo Contact Number: 96324562 Email Address: Warranty Status: Any
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    Do you ... facebook?

    There's a Singapore Photographers Facebook group that has currently 1700 members and we have monthly gatherings, Photographer of the Week and Monthly Themed Challenges. All are welcome to join.