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    What is a Good Photo Printer at S$300?

    Hi, the Computer Show is coming next week. plan to pick up a new printer there. Please recommend me a good colour photo printer for A4 size at S$300. open to any brand as long as print quality is good. I want to replace my old Epson 890. looking at Epson R370 but look like out of production...
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    Olympus SGP Service is Good!

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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    Hi, I am planning to get a new DIY PC on moderate budget. I wanted a SFF barebone systems but most of them do not have raid for HDD. For those that have, they cost a bomb! 1. For my old PC, the guy who sold it to me in SLS advise me to put 2 of my IDE HDD through Raid connection (instead...
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    Congratulation to Extreme2

    Hi Extreme2, Congratulation on the 1st Month Birthday of your newborn baby!!! :) Have fun to be a father!!!!! :bigeyes: Welcome to the ClubFa! To Those Who Know Extreme2, He just has a new baby girl and you can see the photo here. http:\\ Cheers-- Kevin
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    Need Help on DIY PC

    Would appreciate if someone can give me some suggestion what parts to get in order to build a DIY PC for Video editing purpose. I have lost touch with the PC market for a year so don't know what is the latest. My current P4 1.7Ghz Pc take 7 hours to convert 1 hour avi home video to Mpeg2 and it...
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    Fujifilm A310 as Webcam???

    Hi, any A310 user try using it as Webcam B4 and how does it work? Thanks...
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    What is Hard Disk Enclosure

    Hi, can someone tell me what is '3.5" USB 2.0 & Firewire Hard Disk Enclosure'? Thanks--
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    Gang of 3 (G3) List

    Hi, Just want to find out how many G3 user in ClubSnap. So far I know a few of you already but just want to meet the rest. Shall we have a list of G3 users? (anyone has done it?) 1. Kevin Dec/2002
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    Speedlite 420EX

    Hi, can someone advise me whether the standard Speedlite 420EX package come with Stofen omnibounce? Does it have any slave trigger by flash instead of the wireless one? Thanks--:D
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    Tips on 2nd hand lense

    Hi, can anyone give me some tips on how to and what to check on 2nd hand lense for film SLR. Thanks--
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    Help needed on 2nd hand lense

    Hi Everyone, I am getting a 2nd hand Minolta lense. Pls give some advise on how to and what to check on the lense to ensure that it is OK. Thanks--
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    Anyone here going to buy this compact DC?
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    Canon S45 vs Oly C50

    Hi Everyone Canon S45 and Oly C50 will be available in Singapore soon. Thinking of getting a compact DC to carry around. S45 has more new features and Oly one only more pixel. Was in a reputable shop and someone there told me the C50 is better than S45 in term of shutter lag and other speed...
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    Esplanade Open House!

    Hi Everyone Haven't been here for a while. Not sure if someone else has mentioned this (if yes, pls ignore this). Yes, the Twin Durian is having an Open House this weekend. 28-29 Sep 2002 from 10.00am to 7.00pm. "Catch FREE live performances from local artists such as T'ang Quartet...
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    Red Dawn! Are you goinf to Sun's concert?

    Hi Red Dawn! Are you one of the official photograhper?
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    How do you transfer pictures from DC to PC???

    I always wonder which is a better way to transafer pictures from DC to PC. Use cable to transfer direct from DC. Some people claim that the connector at the DC will be spoilt soon. Remove the SM/CF/MS/whatever card media and use a reader to transfer to PC. Some people say DC can't wrute...
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    Minolta 5xi Hot shoes ???

    HI Fellow Minoltean I just discovered from the Service Centre my 5xi do have a hot shoes for flash (YS thot don't have at 1st). What kind of external flash that I can use to sync with Cam? Please advise...
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    Test - photo

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    C2040 - Night Shots

    Hi, would like to check with other C2040 owners. I start getting noise at 4s and onward under ISO100 (firmware upgraded) :angry: . Do the rest have the same problem from 4s onward? 2s and below do not have noise. 3s do not have but after a while it start to have noise. Please share your...