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    National Day Rehersal: Something i saw today disturbed me.

    Something i saw today disturbed me. I took a walk with my camera round the National Stadium this evening, hoping to catch a glimpse of the parade as well as to soak in the atmosphere. And i enjoyed myself thoroughly. Seeing many (sars-free) happy faces sacrificing their weekend(s) to make a...
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    Scanning B&W negs using the LS30

    Hey folks, Need some help. How do you scan Black and White negatives using the LS30? Ta. rOCh
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    Travel Talk: England / London

    Planning for a trip to Europe this Spring/Summar. About 4 days in England and hope to cover London Central - to cover the usual main attractions, day trips to Stonehenge & Bath, picnics by the English countryside etc. and perhaps even risk the 3 hour train ride up to Manchester or catch...
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    Travel Talk: Italy - Rome/Venice/Florence/Pisa/Milan/Pompei

    Planning for a trip to Europe this Spring/Summar. About 8-9 days in Italy and hope to cover Rome (4 days), Florence (2 days), Milan(2 days), Venice (2 days).. with day trips to Pisa, Pompei etc. Travel Tips anyone? Places to visit, transport, lodging, photpgraphy tips etc...
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    Is it okay to re-refrigerate film?

    Cleaning my fridge. Need to take out my stored film. Any problem if i take it out for a day or so before putting it back? Ta. rOCh
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    Travel Talk: France / Paris

    Seems like there'll be a number of people going to Paris this Spring/Summer. lavenderlilz, hyun, etc.. ;) If everything goes as planned, i'll be in Paris in Mid May. Travel Tips to recommend anyone? Reffernce...
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    Happy Birthday ClubSNAP!

    Happy Birthday ClubSNAP! In the next 24 hours, let have the most number of users polled in a day. So post till you drop! :) And while you're at it, do leave a greeting as well! ;)
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    Happy Birthday Clubsnap!! - Most polled in 24hrs.

    Happy Birthday ClubSNAP!! In the next 24 hours, let's create the most number of polled users in a day! So poll your brains out! And while you're at it, do leave behind your birthday greetings!
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    GST set at 4%.. for now

    GST will be 4 per cent next year. Under the revised plan it will rise to 4 per cent initially and will be further increased to the full 5 per cent only at the start of 2004.,4390,158940,00.html?
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    Looking 4 folks to share CoolScan IV

    Greetings, kongg and i are intending to share a CoolScan IV, and are looking for one more person to spilt the cost with. Terms will naturally be spilt down three ways. Preferrence will be given to those staying around AMK. Interested parties, kindly leave their name and contact...
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    Who's cashing them NSS?

    So who'll cash 'em NSS?
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    Prosumer Digital Cameras 2nd half-2002

    Greetings folks, Given the large number of mails floating around regarding which digital camera to buy, i've decided to create a poll to see, by show of hands, which one you'd choose if given a choice. My selection criteria: (you may disagree or be constructive and contribute) 1...
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    Cokin filter system VS the others

    Cokin has an interesting filter system. One which allows considerable reuse across most 35mm lenses, with adapters ranging from 48mm to 82mm. But in terms of quality (build and image), how does it compare with those from Hoya and B+W? Investing in 77mm screw-on filters is expensive...
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    Outdoor Photography by Yee Seng Hock

    Posted on behalf of Campers' Corner: Outdoor Photography by Yee Seng Hock Date: 13th of October Time: 0900 hrs ~ 1200 hrs. (approx. 2 hours theory and 1 hour practical) Where: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Title: Landscape Photography Cost: $10 ( cost include a follow up review /...
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    Philosophy in Photography

    What is your Philosophy in Photography? A potentially contentious topic, no doubt. But i reckon since there should be no right or wrong answers (there might not even be good or bad answers), hopefully no flamewar will erupt here. :D Is there one? Do you have one? Should you have one...
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    Stuck Negatives

    Greetings, Took out some 10 year-old pictures & negatives from my school days recently and found that some negatives were not kept properly and were stuck to each other. Tried prying out a pair, but it left drastic scorch marks on the negatives. *heart pain* Any idea how best to...
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    New DC - Nikon Coolpix 4300!
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    Guess the price of the D100 at Christmas 2002

    I know this is wishful thinking, but am saving up for the D100. Hope to get it by the end of the year. (If i'm still employed, i'll reward myself with my year-end bonus) :) Soo.. guess the price of the D100 at Christmas 2002!!