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    Camera that takes passport photos

    Hi, I am intending to purchase a camera that can take passport photo and produce them on the spot. Its similar to those cameras used by small photo shops that offer passport taking services. Anyone out there can guide me re: - where I can buy one - what is the price range so that i won't...
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    C350 vs Mju300

    I am considering the above 2 cameras and was wondering what is the difference between the 2 except that Mju300 is suppose to be all weather? Would picture quality be the same? There seems to be a big price gap between the 2 so if there isn't much difference, I might just get the C350 (it...
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    A70 vs S400

    Is the only difference the physical size of the camera and the fact thatg A70 has Av and Tv mode? Everything else is the same?
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    Metering: Centre-weighted vs Evaluative

    Is metering the process of seeing how much brightness there is so that you/the camera AF can determine the optimal exposure setting? So center-weighted metering means it is taking the brightness setting based on the subject in the centre focus frame whereas for evaluative metering, it is...
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    Attn A40 users who went for SEED today

    Wanted to join for the SEED today but at the last minute something cropped up :(. I even brought my camera along hoping to buy some accessories for my A40. Just want to know what accessories was available at Cathay Photo for Canon A40 and at what price? Did anyone of you buy add-ons? What...
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    Help on lenses

    Hi, I am thinking of getting some add-on lenses for my A40. I would like to know what is the most impt lens you use and for what purpose. What i have in mind are 1) Polariser (for nice sky/water shots?) 2) Wide angle lens 3) Teleconverter 4) Macro lens (maybe get close up lens since...
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    Linking from coolconnect

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    ISO setting

    I know there was some discussion here Just to confirm my understanding... If exposure length is not an limitation on your camera, you shd use the lowest ISO setting possible. Is there any reason why a person might choose/use higher ISO settings e.g. ISO400?
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    Picture from Canon A40

    Took some pictures today. Taken during lunch time. Will try to post night shot in a few days' time.
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    Need feedback from C2040 Owners

    I am abt to get the Olympus C2040. Was reading thru the threads and have 2 concerns which I would like to hear from existing C2040 owners. 1) Noise/hot pixel - there was quite a number of complaint on the noise from shots taken from the C2040. Is this true? How do you overcome it? Can I say...
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    USB Cable for Fuji 2800

    Hi, just wondering where I can buy an extra USB cable to transfer pics from my camera to PC. The USB plug on the camera end is smaller than the normal USB plug.