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    User List & Discussions: Olympus Shock & Water Proof µ series digital compact cameras

    I've just got an Olymous Mju-850SW....
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    c700uz firmware

    Hi, the firmware is not available for download. You need to send your camera in for an update at the local Olympus Service Centre, which may costs you.
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    Mju 1030SW or 795SW or 790SW

    It's a bit OT, but I bought the 850SW at the recent IT Show. Pix quality is nothing to shout about, as expected from a P&S, but the build quality does inspire confidence that dropping it or getting it wet will not put the camera out of commission immediately. A great, hardy little camera to...
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    In need of a std 512mb xD memory card

    According to Olympus, the u410 can only take in standard-type xD card up to 512MB. There's no support for M-type or H-type xD card support for this model.
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    Olympus DC Owners With Noise / Hot Pixels Problems Please Look Here

    How noisy? Does it happen to long eposure shots only?
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    Olympus C-2100UZ Resource Page

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    C750 can use XD 'H' card?

    The C-750UZ due to a firmware issue, can only support up to 512MB xD cards, be it type M or type H. So far I've used the 512MB type H, and I find the write time is abt a second faster and this helps in caturing those shots in rapid sequence. :)
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    Where to get an XD card?

    There're currently 2 type of xD cards...the type M or type H. The type H is the high-speed type, but costs abt 10-15% more than the type M, although I foresee this price premium will disappear when the type M is slowly phased out.
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    hahaha!!!!! FARNIE :P

    This is really goofy.....would love to see one of these thingies launched in the Real World. Wahahahahah..............:bsmilie:
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    Silver Color Lens Adapter for Oly C-750UZ

    Hi Olympians, I noticed that besides the Oly CLA-4, others OEM lens adapters come in black color as well. Is there any silver color ones in the market that match the silver color of the DC better? If any available in SG, what's the brand/model and ballpark pricing for it? Apreciate...
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    New Rumours Of The Next E

    Darn, the threadstarter in that forum deleted his post alraedy! :confused: Can any kind soul pls tell me what's the news? ;)
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    Compatibility Information Resource Thread

    Here's a link to a FAQ site for Olympus FourThird systems:
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    Keep Spreading the Good Words of Oly

    Mod: I encourage the forumers to discuss and even argue, but do it constructively. Otherwise, it would make this forum a bad experience for everyone, and I do not wish to see that happen. Keeping this forum healthy is the responsibility of everyone, since we're all a part of it. Anyway, please...
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    Taken with the 14-45 mm lense

    Mod: Dear Olympian, please make sure that the links in your thread are working if you intend to share your pictures with the rest of the forum. Thank you.