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    70-200 VR 2 Audible click after focussing

    Dear 70-200 vr2 users and Nikon sifus, May i ask if your 70-200 vr 2 has a click after focussing when VR is turned on? I think it is the VR mechanism engaging before focus and disengaging after focus but didn't quite experience it on my VR 1 before. Is it normal?
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    Nikon D700 Scratch on the mirror?

    Hi all, just wanted to check with D700 owners if they see what looks like a line/scratch on their D700 mirrors? From certain angles, it doesn't seem like a scratch but if you are looking from the top of the camera down and at the mirror, it seems to resemble one. Could you share your...
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    D300 AF in AF-S mode slower than D90?

    Wld like to ask the owners of D300 & the D90 if they experience slower AF on the D300 as compared to the D90 in AF-S mode. I know the D300's AF-S mode has focus priority by default which slows it down quite a bit and that the D90's is probably a mix of both focus and release priority...
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    VR versus fast lens

    Dear Gurus, Am in a dilemma and need ur advice. I need an all purpose lens that is able to take pics in low light for instance in a room with some light and yet not be able to use flash. Given my options, i was debating whether to get a VR 18-200mm or VR 16-85mm lens both of which possess VR...
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    Scratch in viewfinder display

    Hi sorry to bother you all but i was recently cleaning the viewfinder display (or is it called the focussing screen display?) via the lens opening - some dirt got stuck. My finger nails accidentally scratched the display and now i'm left with an ugly view whenever i take pics. Doesn't affect...
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    Need some advice on Nikon software

    Hi all, may i ask the software that you all are using for you Nikon cams? The Picture Project software that was bundled with my camera doesn't seem to be helpful. Is Nikon View better? Do i have to uninstall Picture Project first? Please advise. Cheers Kyle
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    Anyone bought D70 in Centrepoint Promo?

    Heard that there is a promo for Nikon D70 at CentrePoint. $2100 for the cam with Credit Card payment. $15 discount on top of original price if using OCBC credit card. $2080 if use cash to pay. $2288 if want the freebies of memory card, tripod etc. Anyone bought yet? ;p
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    Hi all, i posted some pics of Maldives yesterday but forum fren could not access. I think i did not set the security settings in yahoo correctly. My apologies. Anyway, here is the link to the webpage. Please bear with my skills heh heh. Just wanted to share some pics i took. No...
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    Anyone waiting for the Oly C5050Z?

    Any idea how much it'll retail for? Saw it selling on a UK website for 589 pounds.~ abt SGD 1600+. Very ex man.
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    How much difference does Nicam Stereo really makes compared to conventional sound sys

    As above. Been contemplating if it is worth 100 bucks just for the nicam stereo.... Any help wld be appreciated.
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    Which shop to get new TV?

    Trying to get a new tv to replace my old one in the room. I am looking for a 14" or 21" TV hopefully around 400+ or less. Use as secondary. No need to be multisystem but shld have ntsc playback. I was looking at the sony trinitron 14 and 21". looks good. Any others to recommend? Also where to...
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    The Fullerton again. First time for me tho.

    Hope i got it rite. Any comments?
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    When is G3 going to be launched?

    Anyone knows any specs for the above product? Any web sites for the specs?
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    RM-1 remote for Olympus camera

    Is the price fixed? Where can i get it at a good price? Anybody knows?
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    How to put frames around the pic in PS?

    Hi, was wondering how i can do that. Are there any templates that i can use?
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    New Sanyo 1850mAh Nimh Batteries!!!

    Dun know if this is old news or not, but i just saw 1850mAh sanyo batteries at AP. Dun know abt the price tho. Bot my 1700 Sanyo ones....
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    Some Pics from Redang. Need pointers...

    Berjaya Coast Sunset Blue Blue waters Water Bridge
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    I got millions of dots on my nite shots! Help!!!!!! Help, wat happened? Is it normal for a 16s exposure F7 shot on the oly 2040 to look like this? Below is the a 2s exposure.
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    Here' Myself and my Girlfriend (Splitted thread)

    i think he likes to see gals with long hair....:bsmilie:
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    First virgin photo outside my house. Testing! Taken with my oly. Trying to find the optimal balance between shutter and aperture. Nothing fancy. Thanks for any advice.....