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    Nature- Starved Rock

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    Chicago Skyline

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    Cat drining from fountain

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    Mackinac Island

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    Does photos of flower belongs here?

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    View from the Top

    Chicago City.... Night view Day view
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    Some Lake view...

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    Nokia 6610 vs 7250

    Contemplating a change of my handset. But couldn't make up my mind which to have. Either 6610 or 7250. There's a new set 6220 to be released in 3rd quarter of the yr, would be a tad too late to wait till then before i can start enjoying MMS. So, hope to see some comments on the plus and...
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    Return of the Cuckoo

    Does anyone here watches this show? The proceeding's touching and i've been following it. Now that prompts me to survey, if you are a guy, what would you have done in the shoes of 'Wen Chu'? And if you are a lady, what would you do if you are in the heels of 'Jun Hao'?? Hope to see...
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    The sky yesterday noon

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    Street Performer

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    Street Artist

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    What language is this??

    Seems like he's got problem understanding the scripture..
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    posters on the wall

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    Home sweet home..........

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    don't shoot me!!!

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    What do i need?

    I'm wondering if i can add telephoto lens to digital cameras? My camera only features a 3x zoom. However, it's not enough for me to zoom into far distance objects. Is the telephoto lens applicable here? And also, how much generally would a telephoto lens cost if applicable. Please...
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    Catwalk time

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    Are you looking at me?

    It seems to enjoy being photographed