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    Can't Turn Off Built-in Flash!!

    Hi all, Would like some help pls. I'm using SB-800 on D200. Tried to use Advanced Wireless Lighting with the built-in flash turned off. What I did on D200 was: 1. Select Custom Setting Menu e 2. Select e3 3. Select Commander Mode 4. Set Built-in to --, Group A to TTL, Group B to...
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    Check Market: Mint SB-28DX

    Hi guys, Checking the market to see how much this might fetch pls. Condition is mint. Under-used set. Inputs would be appreciated. Thanx,
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    Hi guys, My baby is driving me nuts. I feed her sleeve slides cut in strips of 6 frames. But she refuses to arrange the frames properly. I get shots cut into halves and thirds when my baby gives me the preview. She gives me half and half (or a third and two) of 2 different shots as a single...
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    Why are we self deprecating?

    Hi friends, An earlier post inspired me to speak my mind. No fingers pointing, I vouch. Just getting some matters off my chest. Do you regularly hear people around you - friends or strangers alike - commenting how bad things are in Singapore?EG "Singaporeans, they so rude! Always don't...
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    Singin' In The Rain

    Hi guys, Selling 2 tix for the above for 7 Dec (Sat) 8pm. Best seats in the house. 1 student and 1 full price ticket. 1 full price ticket costs about $120. Both tix (1 student and 1 full price) going for a total of $150. Only selling as a pair. Pls call/sms 98157251. Price is...
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    WTB: Eicon Diva 2430 SE ADSL Modem

    Hi guys, Looking for the above. Pls reply or PM to quote. Cheers! :)
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    Hi guys, Need some help here cos getting desperate. I'm trying to hook my Mac up via Singnet ADSL. Installed EnterNet but ADSL modem can't seem to work when I link it to my Mac via USB. Tried both OS X and 9.2. Anyone can pls help???? :dunno: Thanx!!!
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    FS: iBook (Urgent)

    Hi guys, Urgent sale required for a BRAND NEW iBook. 14.1" G3 700MHz 384MB RAM 30GB HDD Combo Drive Pls note this is BRAND NEW and not bought from a distributor to re-sell. Pls either reply to this thread with contact or PM me to offer quote and to negotiate. Cheers :)
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    Film for Archi/ID shoot

    Hi chums, In a rush to get some response as usual, sorry. Doing a shoot of some interior furnishing/design tomorrow. Architectural shots may be covered too. Venue is Changi Airport. Time of shoot is morning 8.30am - 1.00pm. Expecting flourescent lighting as well as daylight through the...
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    Looking for jazz bands

    Hi guys, I'm organising an event and hope to get some help here. Looking specifically for a jazz band. Anyone knows of any good one? Or visited any pub/lounge and remembers a good band? Only interested in VERY GOOD bands. Pls kindly reply if you know of any. Thanx.
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    RAM for iBook

    Hi guys, Hope to solicit some help here. I'm in the midst of getting the 14.1" G3 iBook. Would like to upgrade my RAM to at least 384MB. The defacto RAM in the 14.1" laptop is 256MB. Qn is, Apple RAM costs a bomb. Thinking of getting third party RAM on my iBook. Anyone has any...
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    URGENT: Advice Needed

    Hi guys, Need to decide quickly if I should buy an iBook. Anyone has experience working a Nikon Coolscan IV-ED on a iBook G3/Mac OS X ver 10.2/Mac OS 9.2? Thanx! :)
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    Where's The SB-28??

    Hey guys, Been on Nikon's web site to check on speedlights. Just realise the ever faithful SB-28 is no more there!! Anyone has any idea why they've discontinued this wonderful and still widely used flash yet still retain oldies like SB-27 (even SB-22s and SB-23!!)??? :dunno:
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    DARREL from NUS ME Yr4

    Hey Darrel! Didn't realise you're here on CS too!! Until I saw pics from one of the latest SEED. PM me pls. We'll chat more.
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    Dry cabinet at Carrefour

    Hey guys, Am eyeing the 40L dry cab from Carrefour retailing at $99. Think the brand's Digicab or something. Any users there have any comments/complaints? Thanx!
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    Kitten Needs A Home

    Hi friends, I have a friend who has a kitten to give away. He deposited the stray at his gf's house and her mom is starting to get really mad at them. He's in a hurry to give the kitten away. Any takers? Pls contact me via e-mail. Thanx :)
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    Someone Special

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    Sunset In Salzburg

    Sunset in Salzburg is stunning. :)