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    WTSell: DSLR - Nikon D200

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: D200 Price (S$): 900 Description: Selling my Nikon D200 body. Reason for selling: too bulky to bring around with a baby on hand. Condition: 6/10 (haven't been using for about 6-8 months)...
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    Inconsistency prints from different Fotohub outlets

    Hi, I would like to share my experience and feedback at Fotohub RC outlet.* I developed some family photos last week at Fotohub RC. Was ask to collect the next working day. Upon collecting, I noticed some colours was a bit off. I asked the staff what photo paper they used. They told me...
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    How old are the members in

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    Fireworks also..Shears Bridge

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    Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

    went there on budget airline, TigerAirways. 1) Vietnam Hawker 2) Vegetable seller 3) Vietnam Woman in Traditional Costumes
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    D70 shutter problem D70 had the shutter problem (showed 'Err' on the LCD when shutter is pressed) and sent it to Nikon Service Centre today. but bad news...was told that they have run out of stock for the shuuter mechanism. means that i will have to wait for a while before i will get back my...
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    impression Mach2 Photo Bank

    has anyone had this or tried it before? its a USB2.0 2.5" harddisk storage casing with a photo bank added feature. from the outside, it looks like a smooth compact aluminium USB 2.5" hdd casing, but one 1 side, it has a few LED indicators ( 'On', 'Err', 'Copy'..etc) and a 'Copy' push button...
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    Left Handers Camera?

    since most camera are built with the shutter button on the right side on the camera, its easy to control and snap or right handers. so, out of do left handers hold the cameras? or are there special cameras built for the left handers? just a little mini test...for right handers...
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    Stein Zeiser Tripod (SZ-630)

    saw this tripod selling at EastGear at the IT show. anyone heard of this brand? good? comments? what i found out from the uncle : - high grade aluminium - weighs around 2.6kg - max load ~5kg - removable centre column - max height ~170cm - comes with a ball head ( quick release +...
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    Nikon Warranty

    has anyone of u went down to Nikon Service Centre before to service any of your Nikon (e.g Body, Lens, Accerrories, Flash...etc.) without ever producing the warranty card and reciept? my concern is will Nikon accept servicing with just the original warranty but no receipt? thanks.
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    AF 50mm f/1.8D out of stock

    Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8D is out of stock from CP and AP. anyone knows if Lords or MS have stocks of it? or any other reliable shops recommendation? really so popular until the 2 shops run out of it ah...
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    NG Mag

    can sell? kekeke...
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    ClubSnap T-shirt

    i found some old thread of Mass order of CS T-shirt, but all are very old or are already closed. possible to make purchase of the T-shirt avab online? or is there a shop in Singapore that supports CS so much that they hold stock of previous batches of CS T-shirts/polo? Where can i get them...
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    What Else to Start Off With? --Nikon D70

    im very intertesed in the D70. thinking of getting one in about 1 or 2 months time. now saving up. would like to know more from u guys and gals out that i can have a good estimate of my budget. 1) What are the essentials to buy immediately after i bought this camera? eg like...
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    New Pics added. ;)
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    New Pics added. ;)
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    New Pics added. ;)
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    Started my new Pbase, Macro

    feel free to browse around. will be adding more as i go along. (note: some are old photos)