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    Price for Olympus Remote Control

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    Who Are You?

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    My Body, My Head

    I see, thanks! But wa...M mode with ISO 800 and the image is still quite sharp.... Maybe should consider this to replace my C2040Z liao...
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    My Body, My Head

    Just chking by M mode do you mean full manual mode where u can adjust the aperture and shuttle speed at the same time? Thanks :)
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    Suggestion for a new digicam

    Hi both, Thanks for your suggestions :) I will try to check out the price of S80.... As for the F11, when will the camera be actually released ah?
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    Suggestion for a new digicam

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new compact digicam to replace my current one (my avatar :)) Originally was considering Olympus SP-350 but I heard that the picture quality is not that good and from a review, picture taken at the widest angle is a bit blur? Budget: Less than $800 Requirement: -...
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    Time To Upgrade?

    I'm still holding on to my C2040Z for now. However due to the size factor now (after adding the convertor), I find myself using it lesser and lesser nowadays..... Is C2040Z still worth to hold on? Or is there any Oly compact camera out there (with manual controls) that I can buy to...
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    Smartmedia Card

    Is it still possible to purchase new smartmedia cards nowadays? Or is it high time I change to a new camera? I'm still holding on to a C2040Z now :P
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    Price for a 2nd Hand Oly C2040Z

    Just chking if I will to sell off 1.5 yr old C2040Z, still got ppl wanna buy or not? If yes, about how much can I sell it for? Thanks....
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    NEW!! Olympus flash FL-20 !!!

    And it can't swivel or tilt :(
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    I dun quite like a flash that is hanging to the left of the camera lor, makes it overall very big and bulky :( And takes sometime to assemble as well..... I still envy my G2 friend who can put a flash directly on top of his hotshoe.....
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    Looking for a Compact Camera

    Hi all, Long time no see to those who know me :D Just wanna check, for a budget between $600 ~ $700, is there any compact digicam that is available now more for ladies? One I know is the Oly Mju-300. Don't need too complex one, normal P&S can also do. Just that pic quality must be...
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    Hmm yeah lor no harm trying. Anyway if cannot, then I just walk over to Oly @ Hill St, now so near somemore :D Wa u got a G3 liao ah! For me I'm still holding to C2040Z. Partly due to no money :D and also I'm using my cam for casual use and covering some company events nowadays.... Only...
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    I see but I think that version quite rare ah...?
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    I once check with the Oly trainer during my C2040Z course. He's saying that Oly will not update the firmware for your camera. However if u're referring to remapping of ur hotpixels, then they can do for you. I guess a lot of ppl mix up with remapping of hotpixels together with upgrading of...
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    Oh they can ah.... hmm thanks for the info, think I will drop by there tomorrow then :D But will they mind or not ah? How long u think they will take ah? BTW Kevin, u still holding to C2040Z right?
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    Thanks for the help guys, so they move :) Anyway the new location is better, much accessible IMO. Hey Kevin, long time no see too :) And you guys think they are able to replace the battery cover for me?
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    Think must have move liao....last time I went there, was at River Valley road....
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    Hi all, Long time no see Olympians :) BTW I just checked out the address of the Olympus Service Centre, seems to have move to North Bridge road instead? Has it just move recently? And also, due to a stupid accident, one of my battery cover side joint was snapped off. Thus the cover will...