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    Olympus E-20N

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    Canon files patent on new image sensor

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    My daughter...

    Another photo of my daughter. Hmm, did my PS skills improved? :think:
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    My 3 year old twins

    It has been donkey years since I have touched my camera let alone using it. Anyway, I have taken a number of pictures of my twins during their birthday and to tell you the truth, it seems that these are more family shots rather than portraiture. Here are 2 of them, Will post more...
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    Try this for fun

    Try this for the fun of it. Anyone knows the answer? ;)
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    My snapshots of the ClubSNAP 1st Birthday Bash

    These are some of the snap shots taken during the buffet dinner last night.
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    Tiger Woods, eat your heart out...

    My family were at Sentosa last Sunday and Monday. Here are some of shots trying on the Sijori mini golf course. :D Practising his swing Getting last minute advices from the expert cont'd...
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    Lord of the Sea/Jungle?

    Been a long, long time since I have posted. :embrass: Anyway, this is another shot of the Merlion in Sentosa. No polariser was used and the sky was good on that day. Shot with a Canon G2. USM applied and resized. :)
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    Problem accessing Dpreview

    Hmm, I'm having problem in accessing the dpreview site. The message says I'm not authorised to view the page and gives a HTTP error 403: Forbidden. Anyone is having the same problem?:dunno:
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    Pretec announces 1.5GB, 2GB and 3GB CF cards...

    Just gotten the news that Pretec has just announced the 1.5GB, 2GB and 3GB CF card and expected to be on sale by end of the year. The 3GB will cost a whopping USD$2499, I think. :eek: For more information refer to this PDF file for details. Picture of the cards are shown. Now, who...
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    Comparison of 4 D-SLRs....

    Came upon a thread in the Sigma SLR Talk Forum over at Dpreview. There was this person (Kevin Blair) who have did a comparison of the 4 DSLRs, namely D60, D100, S2 Pro and the SD9. There is a total of 9 sets of photos (A, B, C and D) where A, B, C and D can represent any of the above cameras...
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    Xbox Launching at Zouk....

    The Xbox will be launched at Zouk on 21 November 2002, from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. Free tickets will be available on registration. For more information, please refer to this site for more details. :)
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    Pentax D-SLR next year - official

    Text taken from DPReview: "Yesterday we noted a short article posted on the Japan Industrial Journal website (in Japanese) about a new Pentax D-SLR to be announced next 'Spring' (PMA). I've waited until now to get this news verified by our Japanese contact, and it does appear to be accurate...
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    Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX

    Anyone has the above? How is the quality of the image taken with this and any samples to show? Maybe considering buying this for macro photography. Comments, I need them. :) Thanks in advance.
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    Price of Sony F717....

    For those interested in the above camera, I have been to Alan Photo yesterday afternoon, and have been quoted the Sony F717 at $1500 w/o GST. Also ask about the S2 Pro and the price is $3600 inclusive of GST.
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    Minox Camera with Leica Lens?

    Just seen from the Japanese website: Excerpts taken from there: - It is new deployment about the digital version of micro classic camera series. - Carry a 1,300,000-pixel CMOS sensor and it is possible about digital photography. - Lenses are 10.3mmF(s)3.0 of a single focus. Photography...
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    How much time you spend on taking pictures?

    How much time do you guys spend just taking pictures on a weekly basis?
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    How much you spend on average per day?

    As above. And I'm not talking about the"Buy Buy Buy" syndrome. :D
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    HWZ Digicam forum now sponsored by Nikon?

    I can't be sure but it looks like HWZ Digicam and photography forum is now sponsored by Nikon. Even the forum is indicated as "Brought to you by Nikon" and the banners are all Nikon related products. Hmm, Wonder how much is...