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    WTBuy: Lens - Nikon Nikon 1 Nikkor VR 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 (black)

    Classifieds Type: WTBuy Equipment Type: Lens Brand: Nikon Short Description: Nikon 1 Nikkor VR 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 (black) Price (S$): Nego Condition of Item(s): 8 Detailed Description: Name: Samuel Phone Number:
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    Will there be a D200 launch locally?

    Anyone know whether Nikon Singapore will be launching the D200 the same way they launch D2X? :sweat:
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    My View of Big Walk...

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    Kyocera discontinues Contax brand

    Kyocera has announced that it has decided to terminate the Contax branded camera business. Kyocera will terminate the shipment of CONTAX-branded cameras, and the exclusive lenses and accessories in September, 2005, except for the CONTAX 645 camera system, the shipment of which to some markets...
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    Kids at Hua Hin Beach - Thailand

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    You looking at me!

    Monkey at Macritchie Reservoir Park
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    Media War Between Nikon & Canon

    Recently saw ads from both Nikon and Canon on TV and Newspaper... Wow! they are really fighting hard for the entry level DSLR market with Nikon D70 & Canon 300D fighting head-on... :think:
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    New D70 or Used D100 or s2Pro?

    I wanted to own a DSLR... but in tight budget... Thinking of getting a D70, but some tell me to get a secondhand D100 or s2Pro ... :confused: Any suggestion.... :embrass:
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    Re: Account has been suspended: ClubSNAP Basic

    I've made cash payment during SEED. Why account still be suspended? :angry:
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    Nikon may outsource low-priced DSCs to Taiwan

    Nikon may outsource low-priced DSCs to Taiwan Jillian Shih, Taipei; Steve Shen, [Tuesday 11 November 2003] Nikon plans to introduce low-priced DSC (digital still camera) models in 2004 and does not rule out outsourcing the products to Taiwan’s DSC makers, Shiro Itakura...
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    Fuji Film buys Motorola unit's CCD fab

    A Fuji Film group company has purchased an 8-inch wafer line from a Motorola Tokyo subsidiary as it seeks to ramp up production quickly to cope with a CCD shortage. Fujifilm Microdevices Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuji Photo Film Corp., and Tohoku Semiconductor Corp., Motorola's...
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    PrimeFilm PF3600 PRO - S$599

    Checkout Hardwarezone Review of the PrimeFilm PF3600 PRO Film Scanner Ideal for graphic designers, professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. The PF3600 PRO scans 35mm roll films or filmstrips and mounted slides and film. Exciting features: - Optical resolution 3600 x...
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    Mass Order Lexar 256MB SD for UNDER $170???

    Click on ppcsg forum for the MO There is a service provided by StarHub that allow us to do online shopping from US retailer like & Their prices for the SD Card is much cheaper over here...
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    Current Rate for a Nikon FM2n and MD-12 MotorDrive.

    Anyone know the market rate for a 2nd hand FM2n with box and MD-12 with Box. Thanks.
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    Help needed in buying a Olympus DC

    My friend want to get a DC. Can fellow Clubsnaper help, because I'm not very familiar with Olympus DC. His choice of DC: 1. Olympus C-730UZ 2. Olympus C-5050Z What is the current price for both the DC? Which is better? Thanks. :)
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    Ridata 256mb correct size?

    Can anyone confirm the actual capacity of the Ridata 20x 256mb CF card. My Ridata display: 243mb I have another PQI 256mb CF display: 248mb
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    "You’ll see all the detail in your full 35 mm size image with the KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro 14n Digital Camera. This digital SLR camera has the industry's first full 35 mm size CMOS sensor and boasts an incredible 13.89 million total pixels. Choose the Basic mode for an easy, first-time shot...
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    Nikon D1 mint for $2600 is it worth?

    Is it worth getting this D1 for $2600: Mint in box What included: The original strap 512 MB CompactFlash 1 Rechargeable EN-4 Battery Hoodman LCD cover 1 CD contain PDF version of the manual What not included: NO software included. NO Charger included.
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    How many Nikon F4 user over here?

    DieHard Nikon F4 user... kindly fall-in.... ;)