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  1. JasonTan

    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 5DM2 + WFT-E4 + BG-E6

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 5DM2 + WFT-E4 + BG-E6 Price (S$): 1200 (Neg) Description: Selling as a package. Include following items : [1 ] Canon 5DM2 Full Frame body [2] Canon WFT-E4 Wireless Transmitter [3] Canon...
  2. JasonTan

    NDP 2004 Actual Day Ticket For Exchange (Green to Yellow)

    I have 4 NDP 2004 Actual Day Green Sector ticket. Want to exchange to Yellow sector. Either 2-2 or 4-4. No cash involved. Interested party plse contact me 93836799. No email or PM plse coz I don check often.
  3. JasonTan

    NDP (Actual Day) tix for Exchange

    I have a pair of NDP 2003 (Actual Day) tickets, Yellow sector (South), wish to exchange with Green Sector (North) Interested plse sms me at 93836799. Reason to exchange...preview at yellow sector, so actual day want a different angle of view Jason 93836799
  4. JasonTan

    Qtn on Raw mode : If underexposed by 1~2 stops, can it be save ?

    Been shooting in JPEG FINE most of the time. So need expert here to comment on my qn. Let's say if I shoot raw mode using the D30 and found the metering were underexposed by 2. Is there a way to salvage ? I am using Breezebrowser and have tried to convert Raw to Tiff or Jpeg, there are...
  5. JasonTan

    Access speed to this forum is real fast !!!

    Cheers to the core team members ! Job well done. Speaking from SCV cable user point of view..the accessing speed to this forum is really fast, it's like accessing data from harddisk. No bluffing. What about 56k modem dial up user ? ADSL Magix user ? Jason