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  1. darr

    RX100 VI

    Unless you must have 4k video....III is superb value. Funny thing is local price still more ex than when i bought mine in hongkong 3yrs ago...
  2. darr

    Sony RX100 Mark III

    96x? Anyone know what extra freebies in Funan? The Sony standard gifts list the 16gb card and ACC-TRDCX kit. I planning go Holland V Parisilk later as on the way back from work.
  3. darr

    Sony RX100 Mark III

    Looks like quite good deal for Mar? Free gifts - 16gb card and ACC-TRDCX kit, i read online the kit is a usb battery charger case and battery.
  4. darr

    Kata Photo and New Video Bag 2012 Models !

    Is the DL-210 offer still on? Do you also have stock for UL111 white?
  5. darr

    Kata Photo and New Video Bag 2012 Models !

    Hi, can i know the best price for the Minibees and Bumblebees? thks.
  6. darr

    Canon enters mirrorless systems with EIS 700D next year?

    Dont they visit their camera museum anymore? I hope someone wakes up and take a look at their EOS IX. Thats how you design a super compact SLR!
  7. darr

    WTBuy: Others - Sony/Canon DPP-F800 or Selphy 790

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Sony/Canon Equipment Model: DPP-F800 or Selphy 790 Budget (S$): 150-200 Description: Looking for the above, brand new or at least with some warranty left. Real Name: Darren Warranty Status: valid
  8. darr

    Canon Privilege Purchase Programme

    Anyone tried with tradein selphy? My sd slot cant seem to read any cards...
  9. darr

    Borders Nearing Bankruptcy

    Yah man i almost cant find any wrapped books and readers if any find proper place to sit and dont flip the pages like nobodys business. What a disgrace here.
  10. darr

    Canon Secretly Plan Something

    I hope Canon can just take a look at one of their film camera - EOS IX, for inspiration on an excellent compact SLR body, with a REAL viewfinder. IF they can have the mirror box and yet make it so compact on a film APS, why cant they just adapt it to the digital sensor.....
  11. darr

    Canon Cartridges - less than RRP?

    Canon ink are super super OVERPRICED locally! I get the 8 series inks in HK ~$14 only!
  12. darr

    Anyone using 7D with old lenses..

    135mm Soft Focus. 1987? What's the big deal? Lenses will work as well as it's new as long as well maintained. I aint lens collector....
  13. darr

    Sigma 30mm f/1.4 User Group

    hk3130. even cheaper if forgo intl warranty
  14. darr

    What is the different between Kata DR-467 and DR-467i ?

    The main difference is the 467i is the new EPH system. Look at the plastic clips at the bottom of the bag. Yes the top tripod strap is new, but the 467 also has the bottom tripod holder. I can also carry a tripod (190pro) securely using the tightening strap.
  15. darr

    New Sigma 70-300 f/4-5.6 DG OS

    Sigma all along had 2 versions of the 70-300, one the normal and the optically far superior APO. Unfortunately seems they placed the OS on the wrong lens.... it would be great if they put the OS on the 50-150 then there will be a lightweight 2.8 with OS!
  16. darr

    How do sellers operate on clubsnap? i feel so cheated...

    if both party already agreed on the price both should honor the agreement, regardless buyer or seller. The fact that so many replies above states there's nothing wrong pretty much tells u how many such ppl there are. Just your luck.....too bad.....
  17. darr

    Hong Kong Trip

    if original you know the price. third party and equally white, hk88.
  18. darr

    Canon's February 9 Announcement?

    I hope they can really design a proper super compact SLR, with a proper viewfinder. Can't they look back and use the futuristic-look EOS-IX to design it???
  19. darr

    How many camera bags do u have?

    Backpack - Kata DR467 Streetshooting - Kata DT-213, Jimmy Racing T-214 (Kata lookalike) Shooting event - Jenova TW-206 Casual - Adidas slingbag, Bagman slingbag w homemade camera insert. Shoulder Bag (Unused) - Lowerpro Nova AW, Canon Pro, Canon EOS300. All free here and there. Finally retired...
  20. darr

    Best Circular Polarizer?

    When I bought a lens in hongkong, the shop recommended me the Marumi Super DHG. Since this price is same as Kenko/Hoya Pro1D I bought and try. The feel is almost like B+W and it's super thin, and doesnt smear so much like Pro1D. I would rate it better than the PRo1D and on par with another B+W...