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  1. NovJoe

    chvictor aka Victor please come in!

    Happy Belated BDay, bro!
  2. NovJoe

    Canon EF 100mm F/2.8 Macro USM vs Canon EF 100mm F/2.8 L Macro IS USM

    If you are on budget, the older 100mm macro f/2.8 non Hybrid IS will be enough. I'm using this lens for about 4 years and IQ has been top notch so far.
  3. NovJoe

    Gunung Gading Trip not so fruity version

    Nice shots, especially #3.
  4. NovJoe

    Back to my usual playground - SBG.

    Thanks bahnoo and victor!
  5. NovJoe

    It has been a 15 months since...

    Thanks Uncle James, Victor and Zeunice! I was aiming for the LX5 with diffused initially but gave up the idea as I'm on tight budget now. Need to save up for my big day next year. ;)
  6. NovJoe

    It has been a 15 months since...

    Thanks a lot! Hope to see more of your endangered species shots :D.
  7. NovJoe

    A few NL caterpillar shots.

    Nice NL shots! It's real hard to achieve nice NL shots with soft tones yet maintaining the subjects' sharpness and contrast.
  8. NovJoe

    Finally found both type of Singapore Trilobite Larva

    Great collections! Didn't know that we have endangered species here in SG :embrass:.
  9. NovJoe

    Back to my usual playground - SBG.

    Resting under the sun feels good... OMG! The rumoured Weirdo with camera is here! Time to go back to the shadows. Get your camera off my back!!! Dun Stomp me! Single arm wrestler on the hunt. Hunting to the edge of the... leaf... Thanks for viewing, Arigato!
  10. NovJoe

    Back to my usual playground - SBG.

    Nom nom nom... Nom nom nom... Dun disturb my nom'ing session! Nom'ing in triple quick time!!! Enemy with camera spotted! Triple O-7, nom'ing finished, conditions all green and ready to take off.
  11. NovJoe

    Back to my usual playground - SBG.

    Yep, it's SBG not SPG hor... hehehe... Drove down to SBG after my physiotherapy this morning and walked around for some light shootings. However, today is definitely not my day for macro as I missed out a rare pure white damselfly (teneral male Vivid Dancer, scientific name: Argia vivida)...
  12. NovJoe

    Testing out another m43 camera (Olympus ep3)

    Powerful shots & great lightings, Victor!
  13. NovJoe

    Stand Alone....

    Great collection, Uncle James!
  14. NovJoe

    Lizard portraits

    Nice shots, Kurt! Your lighting skills are superb as always.
  15. NovJoe

    Casual Shoot

    Very nice shots! :)
  16. NovJoe

    Close-up first try.

    Nice DF series. They belong to macro series, only difference in magnification only. For the lens, get a proper 100mm macro lens will be much better than any non-macro telephoto lens. Moreover, a 100mm macro lens can double up as a standard 100mm telephoto lens as well ;).
  17. NovJoe

    It has been a 15 months since...

    Thanks a lot for the compliments!
  18. NovJoe

    Tampines Cats (by eawtan)

    Lovely kitties!
  19. NovJoe

    Brahminy Kites in Flight

    Nice kite shots!
  20. NovJoe

    Squirrel Chronicles

    Cute and lovely squirrel!