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  1. JasonTan

    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 5DM2 + WFT-E4 + BG-E6

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 5DM2 + WFT-E4 + BG-E6 Price (S$): 1200 (Neg) Description: Selling as a package. Include following items : [1 ] Canon 5DM2 Full Frame body [2] Canon WFT-E4 Wireless Transmitter [3] Canon...
  2. JasonTan


    Brother... 14th June is Sun la...don confuse ppl. :)
  3. JasonTan

    What Did You Get @ The IT Show?

    Bought 8XAA Eneloop for $32. Listed $18 for 4 but get discounted $4 when get 8. At payment time given 2 cute little soft dog keychain. Good service. :thumbsup: Bought 6XAAA Konoc batteries from Eastgear for $1 each. Wanted to get the AA but no stock liao... :( Bought also an Netgear...
  4. JasonTan

    Canon Lens Advise for wedding photography.

    If you are the ONLY photographer, then u better arm yourself with a backup body. Just in case the 350D freeze up and fail....not forgeting bring extra flash unit too.
  5. JasonTan

    10-22 for wedding?

    Personally I think 10-22mm (16-35mm after 1.6X POV) is a very useful lens for wedding. I don't deny at 10mm barrel distortion on group shot is unacceptable, but I can easily avoid that by shooting at say 15-18mm. However, there will be instances where this 10mm excel eg. an overall shot of...
  6. JasonTan

    L lens worth it?

    Didn't have time to read all postings.... But I would like to give my opinion on the qts directly "L Lens worth it?" IMHO : Very obviously, New L lens not worth it. How can few pieces of glass and metal rim be so costly ? Though I bought some new L and am still own them :(...
  7. JasonTan

    Help pls! Question for 20D owners..

    No regret with 20D. Was happily using D60 with 16-35 but den I realise I need something wider. Few choices available....go for full frame DSLR body (but that cost a bomb) alternatively get a fisheye. But I settle with 20D + 10-22 EFS. Perfect combo. With this combo, I can foresee no...
  8. JasonTan

    Looking for a good printing store. Come in and recommend !

    Any good lab around Clementi area ?
  9. JasonTan

    MO for Sandisk Ultra II 1G?

    Sad to hear that.. but fact is I got this 1GB 40X Lexar thru MO for just $164 a week ago. Bought the same 40X at Trade fair in Aug for $299. Then I thought it was a good deal...Sigh...
  10. JasonTan

    NDP 2004 Actual Day Ticket For Exchange (Green to Yellow)

    So sorry. I had swap the ticket with someone else on Sat. Thanks. Anyway But why you like green ? This year firework is offset to Green sector. So yellow is a better sector for firework display. I advice you to stay put with Yellow. IMO.
  11. JasonTan

    NDP 2004 Actual Day Ticket For Exchange (Green to Yellow)

    I have 4 NDP 2004 Actual Day Green Sector ticket. Want to exchange to Yellow sector. Either 2-2 or 4-4. No cash involved. Interested party plse contact me 93836799. No email or PM plse coz I don check often.
  12. JasonTan

    NDP (Actual Day) tix for Exchange

    Thanks to those offered. Objective achieved.
  13. JasonTan

    NDP (Actual Day) tix for Exchange

    Upz...Any takers ?
  14. JasonTan

    NDP (Actual Day) tix for Exchange

    I have a pair of NDP 2003 (Actual Day) tickets, Yellow sector (South), wish to exchange with Green Sector (North) Interested plse sms me at 93836799. Reason to exchange...preview at yellow sector, so actual day want a different angle of view Jason 93836799
  15. JasonTan

    Want to exchange NDP tickets

    I have 2 Blue Actual day NDP ticket can exchange. Plse check PM.
  16. JasonTan

    Digital Prints Promotion

    Initially I am regular at SCC at Clementi , then a freind introduce PF at Peninsular. Ever since then I never go back to SCC. See for yourself by sending the same batch of images to the 2 labs. Put them side by side and you will see the differences.
  17. JasonTan

    My first studio shoot

    Take a look at some of the fahion mag's studio shots, you can see many are out of focus (intentianally or unintentionally I duuno), cropped too much, bad lighting, bad poses. Personally I dislike them.
  18. JasonTan

    Qtn on Raw mode : If underexposed by 1~2 stops, can it be save ?

    MyLau, How much is this bibble btw ? Where can i get it ? You have a copy that can let me try ? Thanks Jason
  19. JasonTan

    Qtn on Raw mode : If underexposed by 1~2 stops, can it be save ?

    Any other way ? Can the Canon Zoombrowser do the job ?
  20. JasonTan

    Qtn on Raw mode : If underexposed by 1~2 stops, can it be save ?

    Been shooting in JPEG FINE most of the time. So need expert here to comment on my qn. Let's say if I shoot raw mode using the D30 and found the metering were underexposed by 2. Is there a way to salvage ? I am using Breezebrowser and have tried to convert Raw to Tiff or Jpeg, there are...