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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 40D and kit EF-S 17-85mm (Near Mint)

    Reached min, sold in fast deal.
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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 40D and kit EF-S 17-85mm (Near Mint)

    The highest offer is now $1420. Hopefully I can make a deal soon. Thanks.
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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 40D and kit EF-S 17-85mm (Near Mint)

    I now have an offer at $1350 for this month old set. It will come with all the accessories I that came in the box, like the battery, eyecap, battery charger, cables, manual, warranty cards, etc. I did some digging in this forum and saw some year old out of warranty 40Ds go for $1k, and a 17-85...
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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 40D and kit EF-S 17-85mm (Near Mint)

    Got a few offers around the low $1k range, but I don't want to lose too much on something this new. But thanks for looking.
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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 40D and kit EF-S 17-85mm (Near Mint)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 40D and kit EF-S 17-85mm (Near Mint) Price (S$): Offer Description: Offering a practically mint body, kit EF-S 17-85mm F/4-5.6 IS USM lens, and the original canon box accessories. Very...
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    Can I Use A Nikon Flash With A Canon D60?

    Interesting. Are they really that good?
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    Rumor -20D replacement

    Whatever it is, it would be worth your while to wait for its release. Prices of current models will drop noticably, and you can go for the new model if you fancy it. Savings can be ploughed into buying lenses. ;p
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    Rumor -20D replacement

    I want a second hand 10D's price to drop to $500 or below. It is a very capable cam, you know. And $500 vs $2500 for a 2 generations old cam is not bad. :D
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    828, 717, 707

    I remember dpreview saying that the 717 had improved high iso performance and faster focusing in normal bright conditions than the 707.
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    Outdoor Practice Shoot - Gladys

    This shot would be better if there were glowing embers from the fire. ;)
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    Silica Gel in plastic film canisters?

    Silica gel is silicon dioxide. A.k.a. sand. You need to heat silica gel to at least 150 deg C to dry it effectively.
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    Self Portrait - Warrior's Dream

    Perhaps you can try wearing a white glove for #1?
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    Cosplay pictures

    Perhaps you can try using a smaller font size for your sig. I feel that it now looks a little weird. You can try a font size where there is some white space to the top and bottom of your sig. And since your shot has been blurred, I think it should be extended to the border; in other words...
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    Sitex 2004

    Send referers. :)
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    Computex Taipei 2004 Showgirls Part 1

    Hmm, perhaps for the pic of msi's model, the thing she is holding (not sure what it is, but perhaps a camera or a portable media player) could be rotated so that its front (instead of its LCD screen) is facing the camera? Might be better, but of course it depends on how the front part looks.
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    Sony Infrared IR and Nightshot Photography

    There was a thread about the R72 talking about IR photography with regards to the F7x7. You can try searching for it, seems to be in a WTS thread. Advantage would be that you would be taking ir photos of a higher spectrum. By using the R72, visible light will have more of an influence on the...
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    Is Canon i450 good??

    Not too bad for its price (total price - with cost of inks, etc), but it's photo printing isn't the best. My Epson 810 can beat it. And it has rather weak dye based inks. Even some moistness, eg sweat on my palms will cause it to smudge.
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    Disappointed with Canon Customer Care

    I think they have a few days where they open till 7 or 8pm. Call to check. :)
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    Sony F828

    The file size would be larger. On my F707, a picture already takes up 1.5-2MB of space.