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    Games Convention Asia 2007

    Hey all, Anyone went to Games Convention Asia 2007?:dunno:
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    Help!! Anyone knows of any places that sells snoopy products??

    Hi all, One of my friend is desparately looking for a snoopy boutique or a store that sells a good collection of snoopy products. Anyone has any idea? :dunno: Thanks!;)
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    Hi All, It has been ages since I have posted anything.. well here it goes.. Not very well taken but at least it brightens up my mood.. Cheers!
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    Anyone knows what is Neodymium speaker technology???

    As above.. :dunno:
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    JUICED Launch

    Hi All, New Era is having a product launch at X-Square (Dhoby Ghaut MRT) on the 18th June 05 (Sat). The event takes place 1-5pm, there will be a Mini Lan tournament on that day as well. If there's anyone interested in taking some shots for the event. Please feel free to drop by or PM me...
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    Funny MTV.. Something to Perk up your Stressful day at work =)

    Dear all, received this from a friend.. Thought its good to spread the laughter around.. enjoy..
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    Unable to surf websites.. :(

    Hi all, My PC at home has this strange problem. I am able to log on MSN and ICQ, but whenever I want to vivist a website, it will show " "Cannot Find Server"...Anyone knows whats wrong???? :cry:
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    Colour LCD Monitor????

    Hey guys, Having a problem with my LCD screen lately. It will either have a purplish, bluish or yellowish tone. I'm using Samsung SyncMaster 151N. Hmm.. you think sending in for service helps.. I misplaced the warranty card, could they check the warranty status via the barcode located at the...
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    Help!! Found a dead pixel on my Coolpix 4500

    Hey guys, Found a dead pixel on my CP 4500 recently. Anyone knows if I can have it replaced? or is there something I can do about it?:cry: Thanks alot
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    Happy Birthday Willy!!!

    Happy Birthday... Many Happy Returns!!!:cheergal: Cheers... :cheers:
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    Happy Brithday To Wolfgang!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!! AND also to all that shares the same birthday (4th April 2004)... :cheergal:
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    Why does the computer keep on showing 'illegal operation'?

    Hey there, Here's another unsloved case again after solving the graphics card thingy. btw, thanks for all the CSers who offered valuable advice. I'm faced with another scenario, the computer now keeps in showing 'illegal operation' and it will close the current application that you are...
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    HELP!!! Anyone??

    My colleague has accidentally formatted her system, I tried to restore it back. The worst thing is, she do not have or know where's the Graphics card driver CD is kept and also the brand of the graphics card... :confused: Is there anyone that can help me slove this situation??? Its now on...
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    Shots taken in Melbourne

    Hi all, Here are some of the shots taken in Melbourne, was too cold to take more shots. Here are the 'best' of the worst shots ;p Rialto Towers Some Interesting Road signs Great Ocean Road
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    Laser Printers

    I am looking for B/W laser printers for my office, on that can do network printing. Was looking at the Epson 5900L, but it has been discontinued. :( Any cheap and good alternatives? b
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    Student Essays - HAHAHHA

    Hi all, A friend sent this to my email. Can't stop luffing.:bsmilie: Enjoy
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    looking for photographers for plant/spices Close up

    UPDATES .. :rbounce: :rbounce: :rbounce: Shoot is on 9th of March in the Afternoon.
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    The WU Guy.....

    ( As per Bluestrike instructions...) Hee hee heee hee hee... The one and only Wuuuuuuuuu Guy......
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    Tree Climbing Crab

    Hi all, Heres a shot a took long time ago at Sungei Buloh.. Wonder if the comando mosquitoes are still there.. :D Enjoy