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    Any drone community?

    Been flying with the DJI Phantom, but had since sold it off and upgraded to the Inspire 1. Loving every bit of it. Was checking how is the community in Singapore, like any from here? So far the regulation had been very... I would say 'silent' about the operation of drones. As far as I know...
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    Put me Down!!

    This shot was taken during a climb up a Mountain at Vietnam. The climb was a steep one. It took us about an hour to reach the designated peak. The weather was not favourable, it was raining and the terrain was wet and muddy. We managed to reach the peak. This shot caught his terrified expression...
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    Timeshare is harassing me once again!

    referring to this thread Yep... They are back again. After 10 years. They now wanna sue me once again. Anyone still in this shi*t? Any advise on how to follow up? Thanks
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    a Son day Out

    Outing with my son, shot quite a few pictures. Just to share one :) Alittle PS work on the softness. The top right dark area noted.
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    Cityscape (Esplanade)

    Taken without a tripod, had to tune up the ISO quite abit. Some PS work on as well.
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    Their 2 their4 their 6 their 8..... haha Thomas and Friends! I mean only Thomas here!
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    Got some spare cash to spend on new Camera...Canon EOS 5D Mark II??

    Been using Sony my whole life! Thought I wanna try something different. I am no longer as active as before taking pictures. But with some spare cash now, I thought that I wanna get another DSLR, looking at Canon site...reading up alittle. How's this 5D Mark II? Thanks!
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    Any Clubsnappers from Pinnacle @ Duxton?

    Just curious, anyone here gonna be future residents of Pinnacle @ Duxton? Cause I am one myself! :)
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    How to reduce file size?? ICA requirements

    As below, I had followed the requirements as needed 400 by 514 but the size of my picture can only be as small as 100kb which does not meet the requirements by ICA of 60KB. Can any brother advise me on how can I reduce the size?? Thanks!! (using PS)...
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    Up Coming Clubsnapper!

    I just had to show this picture! haha. He was following me after I snapped a few shots! So immediately I took my other camera and captured this priceless moments!! haha. Just want to share with you guys!
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    Adobe Lightroom Vs Apple Aperture 2.0

    Which one do you guys prefer? I am currently using the Lightroom.
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    TIMESHARE is harassing me AGAIN!!

    The thread had expired, so this is the link. Anyway looks like ERI had sold or pass on my timeshare contract to another company, and this company now wants to collect the money on behalf of ERI. They sent me letters, called me. All...
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    Smile for the Camera!

    Taken at the Airport at Ho Chi Minh. Love his smile and dimples!
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    CNY Baby!

    Sharing some pre-CNY shots of my Son! Baby Zach!! ;) Ain't he so lovely??
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    My portable HDD cannot be read!! :( Help!

    Help! I have a Maxtor portable HDD and it cannot be read!! I have all my photos stored inside!! And I cannot afford to lose them!! Is there anyway I can do to get em back? My HDD is less then 6 months old! I got it from Challenger!! Sigh... pls help
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    Memory Stick Unable to Read or Format

    Help guys!! I cannot read or format my MS. It was after I cut and paste the files onto my PC, after that my A100 is unable to read nor format it! I tried using the Sony Memory Stick Formatter, though successfully on the PC but still not able to read nor format on the camera. Anyone can...
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    A young Bookworm

    Starting young ....hahah
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    Too young for Tattoo?

    Zach : Who says tattoo are meant for the grown up? I have them too!! hahah...ain't he cute?
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    Why do we have to shoot in RAW format ??

    As above... Why is it that many shoot in RAW rather then JPEG? Can someone explain? Thank You!
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    Fierce Lion

    Something I took while in Vietname... Reflect using PS.