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    Possible to mount CPL Filter between Lens Adapter Tube and Wide Angle Converter?

    Hi, I'm using Panasonic Lumix LX3, just ordered a 52mm Lens Adapter Tube and a Wide Angle Converter from ebay, awaiting for their arrival. Now looking for a CPL Filter. I've seen people (from websites) mount in this sequence: Camera + Lens Adapter Tube + UV Filter + Wide Angle Converter...
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    Dilemma: Keep Panasonic FX7 or upgrade to Panasonic LX3 / Pentax KX?

    Hi, I have an existing Panasonic FX7. Planning to go for an oversea trip soon. Do you suggest I should keep the Panasonic FX7 or upgrade to Panasonic LX3 / Pentax KX? :dunno: Panasonic FX7 Review: Panasonic LX3 Review...
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    Price for a 2nd hand Olympus C2040Z

    Hi, May I know how much a 2nd hand Olympus C2040Z is worth now? Is there anyone interested? Thanks.
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    Looking for ROM Wedding Digital Photographer

    Hi, Looking for ROM Wedding Digital Photographer. Date: 28 June 2003 Venue: Registry of Marriages (ROM) Interested photographers, please PM me on: Pricing? Package? Camera? Experience? Online Portfolio? Thanks for your time.
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    Price of SM

    Hi, I receive a reply from AP E-Quote: 1) 64Mb Smart Media Card $55 ridata 2) 128Mb Smart Media Card $95 ridata Prices go up? I remember reading somewhere in ClubSNAP: 64Mb $45~$50 and 128Mb $80~$90 ? Anyone know where can get better...
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    My 1st Night Shoot...

    Taken tonight with Olympus C2040Z... Exposure time 1/20 FNumber F2.0 ISO 100 Edit using Instant Fix from CAMEDIA Master Ver 2.5 Original Image: Exposure...
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    Cheapest Digital Point & Shoot Camera?

    Hi, Thinking of getting one as gift. Any suggestion? Is Fuji A101 the Cheapest Digital Point & Shoot Camera with LCD? Thank you!:D
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    Testing (please ignore, displaying a pic from ImageStation)

    Testing to display a pic from ImageStation...
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    Hi, I just own a c2040z. I've notice that when I took photo, with the [ ] of the LCD focusing on a person about 1 m away and the background is about 1 km away, the photo will usually come out in such a way that the person is blur while the background is sharp. Camera <---1 m---> Person...