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    Can't Turn Off Built-in Flash!!

    Hi all, Would like some help pls. I'm using SB-800 on D200. Tried to use Advanced Wireless Lighting with the built-in flash turned off. What I did on D200 was: 1. Select Custom Setting Menu e 2. Select e3 3. Select Commander Mode 4. Set Built-in to --, Group A to TTL, Group B to...
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    Check Market: Mint SB-28DX

    Thanx very much Mpenza. That sounds quite reasonable. I was thinking in that region too. Cheers,
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    Check Market: Mint SB-28DX

    Hi guys, Checking the market to see how much this might fetch pls. Condition is mint. Under-used set. Inputs would be appreciated. Thanx,
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    WTB iBook

    Hi, You may want to try looking for one here.
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    National University of Singapore

    (1) Lazyfiddler - B.Eng (Civil) 1993 (2) Fighthefuture - BBA(H) 2001/2002 (3) Goondu - MSc (Mech Eng) 1995 (Part -time) (4) rueyloon - B.Eng (comp. eng) 2002 (5) rayman - B.Eng (Mech) 2002
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    photo sharing session with offstone guys

    Hey Roch, I can't make it this round. Would like to meet Ivan. Next time maybe?? :)
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    photo sharing session with offstone guys

    Hi guys, Offstoners, with our new look, will be having a gathering this Sun 26 Jan 3.30 - 5.30pm at Sultan Hussein Room, History Museum. More info here. Pls feel free to bring your works along to share. We have snacks, drinks and lucky draw prizes to go around too! So join us on Sun! :)...
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    Cars at $0 downpayment & 10 years loan-repayment!

    Like all new rules in a market, it may be better to wait and see how things settle before you take the plunge. It may not be worthwhile committing while things are still in their transient stage.
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    wts: IT/Programming books selling cheap...

    Hey chenwei, Your Tech Comm book reminds me of my NUS days... Who was your tutor? Mine were Darren Sun and Ho Li Yen. Mrs Ho is a very very fine tutor. Taught me lots of presentation skills that I use very often at work now.
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    F4 concert tickets for sale

    Maybe he yan dao until win F4 hands down legs down so his girl prefers ogling at him instead of those 4 chaps who really ought to visit the barber.
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    If you're speaking from the scientific point of view, there should not be a diff. The human eye receives images at 24Hz. Which is why we never notice the refresh rate of our monitors or tv screens as long as you don't set it below 24Hz.
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    Nikon Wide Angle Lens

    I saw a 20-35/2.8 sitting pretty in the TCW storefront display going for $1485. Anyone going to rush to TCW tomw?? :)
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    Nikon Wide Angle Lens

    Hi guys, A little OT here but how abt the 20-35/2.8? Been eyeing it for quite some time but am still garnering the resources to get it. Heard from a friend that the elements of the 20-35 are of better quality than the 17-35. How true is this? Of course, the 20-35 does not come with AFS...
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    Band of Brothers - any1 watch?

    Ohh.. Pyre thanx for the lesson in elevator history and metal properties :) The amazing thing is not really the technology of the elevator but more of the 130m shaft. 130m vaguely translates to a 30 storey high building. Given that the shaft was made at such a high altitude and in such...
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    Band of Brothers - any1 watch?

    One of the ways to get to the Eagle's Nest is via Salzburg, Austria. The only way to go up the Nest is to sign up with tour agencies. The tour costs abt S$50 or EUR30. It's an hour long bus ride from Salzburg town centre to the foot of the mountain where the Eagle's Nest is housed. You get to...
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    Band of Brothers - any1 watch?

    The cheapest online I found so far is from But can't remember the exact price. Else if you have contacts in Canada, you can ask your friend to get for you. Costs abt S$150 after you add in the taxes and convert the currency. Both American and Canadian versions are Code 1...
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    damn... kena robbed tonight

    Hey man, Really sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident and glad that you're safe and sound which is the most important part of it all. If you believe in Buddhist teachings, you'll be glad to know that you have cleared some of your bad karma and the muggers have in turn gained some...
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    Band of Brothers - any1 watch?

    Hi guys, I'm a huge fan of BoB. Watched the entire series projected on a big screen two years ago. Bought and read the book. Bought the DVDs and watched it again. I even went to the Eagle's Nest in Germany!! The plot of the series is absolutely fantastic. But like all American productions...