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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 550D

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 550D Price (S$): 500 Description: Rarely use Canon 550D. I think only took 3200+ photos with it. Mainly used as a backup when I travel. Camera was bought in Oct 2010. Comes with accessories...
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    WTSell: Lens - Tamron (CanonMount) AF 18-270mm Di II VC LD Aspherical (IF) Macro

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Tamron (CanonMount) Equipment Model: AF 18-270mm Di II VC LD Aspherical (IF) Macro Price (S$): 450 Description: Very lightly used lens bought in late Oct 2010. Unfilled warranty card, supposed to have 3 years...
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    Searching for a lost friend

    I suddenly remember a very meaningful friendship from long ago. Any idea what's the best way to locate a person given that I know the person's name and birthdate and probably occupation? By any chance anyone knows Audrey whose birthday falls on 24th Sep? (Just trying my luck here)
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    Where got good deal for dry cabinet

    My dry cabinet seems spoilt liao. Forever at 70-90% for the last 6 mths liao. Anyone knows where to find a reasonably priced one? recommendation appreciated
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    Recommendation for Scenic location for Sept travel

    I'm looking to chill out in 1st week of Sept - F&E type of holiday. But tour package also acceptable. Any recommendations for these conditions:- 1. Cool place (ie, not tropical hot stuff eg. [not] phuket-type of place) 2. Scenic location greatly preferred. I'm suckers for landscape...
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    Countdown to DDO Official Launch

    Wonder how many CSers are targeting DDO?
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    I need a Pocket PC

    Starting to discover PPC as a great device to show digital photos to friends. Additional benefits of it being able to wirelessly surf and of coz PIM. Anyone forumers here can recommend some great sites. Looking to purchase a 2nd hand unit. Best if some forumers here wants to sell their PPC...
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    Best Location to view NDP fireworks

    Anyone can suggest where is the best location to view fireworks 1. Must be as little pple as possible 2. Can be hotel room, but which hotel? 3. Must be accessible via car
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    Request for 1 volunteer to shoot a Golf event

    Looking for a volunteer to shoot a golf event. Requirements:- 1. Voluntary (ie, FOC :bsmilie: ). But transport may be reimbursed with meals provided. Still pending more details at this moment 2. Digital SLR 3. Competant photographer Nice to have:- 1. Familiar with golfing ethics...
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    My Little One

    Hi, Posting some baby photos.
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    Canon Photo Papers

    May be able to get some Canon Photo Papers at a good price. PR-101 (A4 size) ~$20 PR-101 (4R size) ~$12.50 PR-401 (4R size) ~$11.50 Need some help here. Can someone update best market price and the number of sheets for each category above? I dun wish to be conned ;p Also, may need a...
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    Urgent request for volunteer digital photographers for Red Cross International Bazaar

    Dear friends, I'm helping a friend to look for photographers. The event is the Red Cross International Bazaar 2004, at the Singapore Expo, Hall 4, 3rd April, 10am-10pm There are already some volunteer photographers on hand, however, since the place is large hence, we need more for...
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    Little Shadus

    5 minutes after he's born 1.5 hr after he's born
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    Anyone did their IPPT on threadmill

    Anyone recently do their IPPT indoor? For 2.4km, wht's the setting they use for the threadmill?
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    Canon i990

    You guys were right. New printer on the market from Canon. 7-ink catridges!!! I believe there's a dedicated black! Finally. I think canon even release a new type of print media with this printer. Promises longer lasting print. Will check this out next week :)
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    Any Vietnamese around?

    Anyone from from Vietnam in CS? Which part of Vietnam?
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    Canon i905 out of stock?

    Anyone knows if stock is still available anywhere at a reasonable price?
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    Price of Canon i905

    Anyone knows what is the price of Canon i905 now? Where will I be likely to get the lowest price?
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    Some questions on our ClubSnap account

    Not sure where to post this question. For our clubsnap account. when i create a folder under my root directory, i notice that "write" access is not given to group and others. How do I do a similar command to "chmod 777" to the directory which is created without having a login to the server...
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    Cost of Mju 400

    Anyone knows the approx cost of Mju 400?