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    color accuracy when lighting with energy saving bulbs?

    i ve got four 25W (equivalent to 110W) energy saving bulbs to light small products photography but find that color accuracy is somehow not there. is energy saving light bulbs not suitable for photography?? i have already preset the white balance to custom already. eventually still go...
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    discount tickets for anthony robbins seminar

    hello everybody, i got discount tickets for anthony robbins seminar coming soon...... currently ticket prices are S$1650 for diamond seats.... i m letting go at S$1100 or the highest bidder.... :bigeyes: please see for more information. best...
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    question on scanner resolution specification

    i m thinking of buying the epson 2450, but not too sure about the resolution specified.... as stated on the specification for the 2450, the optical resolution is "2400 x 4800 dpi with microstep drive....." see my question...
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    is it better to take underexp or overexp on digital cameras??

    we all wish for perfect exposure all the time..... the little LCD make the job more difficult..... what you see is not what you get..... in terms of exposure..... so is it better to overexpose or underexpose the picture a little?? :dunno:
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    lens hood for C4040 with CLA-1??

    anyone use lens hood for their oly cameras?? is it necessary?? or any good?? thanks....
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    yellow bounce card for yellow lighting??

    i just made a bounce card with one side yellow, i was thinking maybe it would be good if used under incandescent lighting but haven't got the chance to try it yet.... i have got many pictures with the subject lighted up in white light (flashed) while the background is yellowish-orange...
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    flash bracket...

    can anyone recommend a flash bracket for my C4040 with vivitar 285HV?? the one at AP is not so good to hold.... plus it's fixed L shaped difficult to keep in bag... thanks....:)
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    using vivitar 285hv with olympus

    without TTL control for this flash.... does it mean that i have to work solely in full manual modes..... i.e. estimate the distance, set the aperture, shutter, etc on the camera... then set the right modes on the flash also.?? :dunno:
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    what is the best way to convert 4:3 ratio to 3:2??

    how do you guys convert 4:3 ratio taken on your DC to 3:2 ratio to be printed to 4R size?? i have taken a large collection of photos and thinking of whether i can do batch conversion easily......if so what software can i use?? photoshop?? if i don't crop it myself, where do those color lab...
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    flash setup information for olympus camera.

    i came across this page which i found useful.... hope you guys like it......
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    how to be sure 35mm is really 35mm??

    i have recently measure how wide angle my camera (C4040) can take on the widest focus length of 35mm, which i measured to be 42 degrees. i measure by putting 2 rulers in front of the lens, so that in my viewfinder can only barely see the edge of both the rulers. however, i read a book about...
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    how much is a FE2 worth??

    recently found a FE2 left unused for many years from my parents, with a 50mm lens and a 28mm lens..... from the looks of it, it was hardly ever used..... i guess it needs cleaning on the lens too...... can recommend where to send for cleaning and roughly how much?? cleaning is required for...
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    where to find manuals for FE2?

    as above
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    how to pronounce moire?

    as above....
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    ray's underwater pics.....

    hello ray! do you have any comments on your PT-010, i have thought about getting one also.... not too expensive compare to ikelite brands were you afraid that water will get into your camera?? i have been wondering if i dare put my camera with PT010 into water.... i have seen some of...
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    camedia 4.0

    version 4.0 comes with the c720........anyone got this?? can share?:p
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    no new thread??

    hello!!.......................(echo...hello hello lo lo lo) very quiet here its scary......:bsmilie:
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    G2 got underwater casing or not??

    G2 got underwater casing or not??
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    list of places to buy cameras & accessories

    as i m currently shopping for accessories for my digital camera, i find that it is very difficult to find stuff that i need..... my sources of contacts are: MS color tel: 64576380 Cathay photo: 63380451 peninsula plaza Alan photo :?? went there a couple of times but never got their phone...
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    accessories for C2040, 3040, 4040, etc

    what kind of accessories do you own for your oly C-xx40 series?? i m interested in finding out more on what it can do..... macro lens tele lens convertor external flash original or OEM.... pictures would be nice....