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    MO for ClubSNAP Polo T-Shirts : Summary of Orders as at 20th October

    Darren, I paid via ATM transfer yesterday, 01/11/2004 @ 2235hrs for $30. Did you receive it?
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    MO for ClubSNAP Polo T-Shirts : Summary of Orders as at 20th October

    Mens - L - Black x 1 pc Total - 1 pcs Personalisation: ::Muhshi:: Total Cost - $30
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    NDP04 my views

    Nice pics u've captured dude! ;)
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    White Orchids - 23/07/03

    ah.....fuji S2.... nice pics. I like the 1st one best ;)
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    Some Insect Shots

    I like all your shots. Nice ;) :thumbsup:
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    Chosen One

    Nice. Interesting composition ;)
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    Nice shots Megaweb :thumbsup: I like the 2nd last shot the most. ;)
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    Shiny and Musical

    Nice pictures. I like the 1st n 2nd pictures of the french horn which i used to play in my sec. sch years. hehe
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    Emboss or Sunken FootSteps

    I see both emboss and sunken! hahaha ;) :thumbsup: Interesting pic
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    Sydney photos here we go

    Wow, I like viewing all your shots. Nice :thumbsup:
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    Baya Weaver - With an attitude (Series I)

    Nice shots man ;)
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    Sunbirds II

    Wah....nice. I like both shots. Nice ;) For the 1st one, the if only the head is as sharp as the wings. Nonetheless, both shots are nice :cool:
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    kei! ;) Nice shots from you man. I like the 2nd one.
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    Grasshopper, caterpillar & butterfly

    Thanks sulhan, blurboiboi, thoa_rs, Bluestrike & Marx ;) blurboiboi : I'm using a Fuji 6900 thoa_rs : Will take note of the dof part Bluestrike : jump or not to jump lolx
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    Eaten alive by its own kind

    Ah....Nice....especially the 1st shot. Nice composition and use of background ;)
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    Today's catch at AH.

    The 1st and 3rd shots are nice ;) BTW, wat time did u take these
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    AH newbie shots

    Thanks BS and mplonsky. mplonsky: I like ur site. Lotsa gd info ;)
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    Grasshopper, caterpillar & butterfly

    Taken at AH on 10 July 2003.
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    Dragon, Flies, & a Beetle

    Nice detailed pics ;)
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    AH newbie shots

    This shots were taken yesterday, 9 July 2003, Wed. Not impressive thou' . . .I find the shots rather plain. Was having a reli hard time and feeling reli lost for my 1st try shooting butterflies in AH under the skorching Anyway, I must say they are reli skittish...