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    Nikon Coolpix S1

    How is the performance of this face priorty focus function? Is this very effective. Thought of getting it, anyone here has it? What is the strret price ?
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    Portrait of 25 ppl Studio

    Looking for a studio with a portrait backdrop that fits about 25 persons in a family portrait.
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    Canvas or Layer in PS7

    Is there any softening effect whigh is not desired when Canvas is done ( added to the side) to a portrait. Or will adding the picture to another layer as background make the picture less sharp?
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    70-200l F4

    What is the price for this new or used? Any updates, anyone?:D
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    Copy job

    What lens to use to do copy job, eg name cards. Assuming a copy-table is used and soft-box and flashes are all available.
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    550 EX Speedlite Manual

    Is there anyone who can link me to where I can download this 550 EX Manual (English). THANKS IN ADVANCE.:D
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    Spyder man..

    Any one here think that this is a good deal?
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    Just wonder which is more powerful, the Canon EX 550 of the Nikon SB-80 Dx? Of course they are not inter-compatiable right?:D
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    EX550 Flash

    Wonder where can have good bargain for the Canon EX 550 or any newer than this model coming on the way.:D
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    D100 -Seminar & Workshop

    Just received an invitation for this from Nikon. Time -9.30-1200 Date - 3rd June 2002 (Monday) Venue - Shangri-La Hotel, Island A Ballroom (Tower Wing, Lobby Level) Dress code - Office :gbounce:
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    EF 500 super vs EX 550 canon

    Besides half the price and similar features , what are the other pros and cons of these flashes. eg. durability, compatibity and most important of all the accuracy of the Sigma 500 super.:what:
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    Fisheye Lens

    Looking to rent or borrow Fisheye either EF Canon or Nikon Mount for next Monday or Tuesday. PLease call me at 96821132.:cool:
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    EOS 30 PC sync

    Bought the 3rd Party PC sync adaptor from CP today to try on my Studio Flash. But it cannot work. The manual says nothing about using other flashes except the Canon Speedlites. Am I stuck with no other choice but to get a Canon that comes with PC sync socket like the 1, 3 or 5? :(
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    P-300E Printer with cable does not match

    I got the E-10 more than a year ago, bundled with the Camedia P-300E Printer that was not used at all. Opened the box this morning and found that the direct print cable with the parallel port on one end and the other is the HR5 connector type that not compatable with my E-10. I wonder if there...
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    Wow, wish I can have these

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    Someone got a good deal

    That someone has bought a complete set of Canon 1V with 28~70 L 2.8 lens, 3 ft dry cabinet, camera bag and many other stuffs from a garage sale ad for 3.5k almost brand new condition. I will be getting the lens from him coz he has a similar one bought recently. Do you think it is a good deal...
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    Wonder if this link works.
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    Just trying w/o flash

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    FA Cup