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    D7100 User thread

    Anyone try out the Wu-1a ? Any good with the D7100 ?
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    Sony TX10

    Hi, can share how much and where you get the TX10? Is the start up to shoot time very long?
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    Canon Privilege Purchase Programme

    Hi Adam How is the Pixma IP4870? Can give some feedback? Good, average or bad? Use for photo printing? Thx
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    What is a Good Photo Printer at S$300?

    Hi, the Computer Show is coming next week. plan to pick up a new printer there. Please recommend me a good colour photo printer for A4 size at S$300. open to any brand as long as print quality is good. I want to replace my old Epson 890. looking at Epson R370 but look like out of production...
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    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5/2.0 Video tutorial

    totally agree with you! Only Genius can master in 2 hours from scratch.
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    New Section for Videography now opened!

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    Olympus SGP Service is Good!

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    F30 is from China. Confirmed by SG Fujifilm!

    Hi, not flaming but just to share info. My friend took my advise to buy F30 in China while she was in Beijing in early June. Her F30 is made in Japan. I have asked her to double check (as I have not seend her F30). :dunno:
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    Thanks, aware of that. Since I am not getting a Performance PC so is OK with me. But, read some review that show test results of E6300 better than 930 so thot might as well go foe it since it is within my budget and it take electricity and generate less heat. Do they clock the E6300 at...
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    Thanks for the Info. Look like good to wait till Sep. Keep the info. coming. Greatly appreciated! :)
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    huh! HK cheapper ah? Then don't mind to get the 18mm-200mm Nikon lens. But, problem is, I don't know how to check lens leh! :embrass:
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    Look like no price cut last weekend (according to Fuwell price list). :cry: But, :o I am glad you all have asked me to wait. :thumbsup: I am going to get the new cpu!!! :sweatsm: The E6300/6400 look good also and within my budget. Dunno how much the MB going to cost! Sad thing...
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    OIC, now I have clearer picture, thanks. So price cut can happen B4 the official launch! That is good, hopefully can get it next week. :)
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    Wah u mean 930 can drop from S$300 to S$70 then definitely worth the wait. Even drop S$70 also worth the wait lor! I plan to get everything from one shop as I don't know how to put them together. :embrass: Coasiar or Kingston is fine with me!
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    Hi Everyone, I am confused leh??? thot the annoucement is this Friday but ZDnet said 27 July leh!!! :dunno:,39042972,39374428,00.htm
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    Thanks Bro, Ok lah, if XT is much faster then I will go for it. If Antec PS better, also go for it. HDD, yup will get the 16MB type. Already have a LCD so will give it a miss until my old one breakdown, hehe! Will take not of this VP920. Fuwell, Videopro and Hardware Place are my...
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    3 More days to go!
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    No lah! Not a hardcore PS'er or DI editor. Only use PS occassionally. Mainly capture video from camcorder and encode into MPEG2/4 to cut into DVD. Suppose to edit the AVI file and do some transition 1st but always no time. I only interested in Raid 0 if it give faster/better transfer rate. I...
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    Need Advise on DIY PC

    9 more days!!! :bigeyes: