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  1. Kho King

    Domke - still in demand?

    I noticed that with the many new brands in the market - Think Tank Photo, Lowepro, Kata, etc., Cathay Photo although is the official distributor of Domke bag does not bring in as much Domke choice anymore. Is Domke bag a yesterday bag? Any new young photographers still like Domke? Which is...
  2. Kho King

    Actual photo of Pentax DA* Lenses! 50-135mm, 16-50mm...etc.

    Some photos taken by Pentax 50-135 at 135/2.8 by PentaxWorld member at PHOTOVISION expedition in Greece can be seen at: :heart: :heart: :heart: Actual photo of the few new DA* lenses can be seen there too! :cool: :cool:
  3. Kho King

    Most excited news from Pentax?

    What is the most excited news from Pentax that boils your blood so far from the prior PMA announcements? :cool:
  4. Kho King

    Fashion Photographer's Gallery

    A great gallery/album from Benjamin - A professional fashion photographer :thumbsup: (photos in the gallery was taken using Canon DSLR, but Benjamin has recently changed to Pentax system. You can view his latest work at PentaxWorld's...
  5. Kho King

    New Design of

    A dedicated forum for the Pentax users :) PentaxWorld is just having a new design and face lift! :heart:
  6. Kho King

    Contax N digital

  7. Kho King

    What is your favorite Crumpler bag?

    What is your favorite Crumpler bag? Colour? :)
  8. Kho King

    DigiCabi Dry Cabinet Voltage

    Anybody know if DigiCabi dry cabinet is USA voltage compatible? I know it can be used in Singapore and Malaysia with 240V power supply, but can I use it in USA with 110V power supply? I couldn't find any information on digihub website... :bheart: To be particular, the DHC-100 model...
  9. Kho King

    software for wedding photo editing/arrangement?

    May I know is there a recommended software for wedding photos editing/arrangement? Say I want to have a 10R print with a combination of a few photos inside, one column at the left and big photo on the background. Say some B&W some colours. I know this can be done using PS, but it is going...
  10. Kho King

    Visible Dust Sensor Cleaning Solution

    Anybody here use Visible Dust Sensor Cleaning products? They are quite pricey for a "brush", hence would like to hear comment from users of this product as compare to Sensor Swab or PecPad :)
  11. Kho King

    Adobe Acrobat Printing Transparent Object

    I have some problems converting my photos (consist of multiple photos, some with transparent background) to PDF file, all the transparent objects have become either white or black. Anybody knows how can I convert a transparent photo to PDF format and still having the semi-transparent or full...
  12. Kho King

    2nd hand Nikon D1X

    What is the market price for a 2nd hand/USED Nikon D1X now? Is it still worth buying? How many shots can the battery of D1X last? Is there a 3rd party battery for it? New one how much? ;p
  13. Kho King

    CF card speed testing software/techniques?

    I want to test the speed of a newly got Imation 80X CF card, but not sure how to test it in my PC. I tested it on my D70 and found to have no different with the Transcend 45X card that I am using. Is there any software online that I can use to test the speed of new CF? I would like to...
  14. Kho King

    servicing Nikon F5 ~ How much?

    I have a Nikon F5 with fungus in the prism, thus hoping to send it in for cleaning. At the same time having Nikon CLA the F5. Anybody knows how much this is going to cost? Roughly Figure? Nikon Malaysia quoted me RM360 for basic CLA :confused:
  15. Kho King

    Nexto CF

    Anybody uses Nexto CF here? How does it compare to the PD70X? Any comments?
  16. Kho King

    infra red filter, what size and what brand?

    I am thinking of getting an infra red filter, but I am totally blur and new in this. So, need some advice: 1. what brand to buy? 2. what size available? My lenses are 77mm and 72mm and 52mm... 3. are there any variant? different model? different intensity? which one should I get? 4. What's the...
  17. Kho King

    Olympus C5050 LCD can turn OFF?

    Is there a way to turn off the rear LCD of the Olympus C5050? I press the quick view button, it goes to photography setting and LCD still ON. I want to preserve battery and use only the viewfinder, so is there a way to turn off the LCD? I have owned this cam for a long time, but shame to say...
  18. Kho King

    shutter count of Canon 20D?

    Can we check the shutter count of Canon 20D? I tried using Opanda software, can see shutter count for my D70, but not sure about 20D. Any light? :)
  19. Kho King

    D70 Ttl Flash With Manual Lens Possible?

    I have questions on D70 flash. 1. Is it possible to fire the shutter of D70 with the build in flash pop up in M mode (exposure) with a manual Nikkor lens (Ais) mounted? Will the flash fire and give the correctly exposed photo? ~ the reason I asked is because F80 can, and it is actually a...
  20. Kho King

    what Notebook HDD for CompactDrive?

    what's the best notebook hardisk should I get for the CompactDrive portable storage device? I am thinking of getting a 40GB one, but not sure which one is good. What are the things that I should consider when getting a hardisk? Price is of course one of the factor (hence the 40GB and not...