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    I finally got my camera...

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    nikon in 'We were soldiers'

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    Someone is shooting pellets at me!

    There's this guy, presumably a kid, 2 floors up and the window opposite, firing this pellet or BB gun(owned by many but illegal) at me and my window. When I stuck my face near the window to see what the hell was happening, the idiot continued firing but he wasn't a very good shot so he missed...
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    Where to stay in KL for one night?

    Anyone can recommend a good hotel, not too ex, less than RM250 a night in the shopping area? Looking at pictures can't really tell which is nice.
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    haha... check this out
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    Toyota Showroom in Odaiba, Tokyo

    Massive Toyota showroom where you can sit and play ard in every car except the concept Lexus FXS and the Minority Report Lexus. Tried out the MRS, Celica, Soarer and SC430. Very interesting system where you select the car you are interested in in the panel on the right and the machine...
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    Where to buy X-drive?

    Ok seems like no one is selling this 2nd hand. I've asked a few shops in SLS and John 3:16 and they all quoted prices around $250 for the set without harddisk. Thats pretty ex, considering there was once a discount at $199 and even recently there seemed to be a promotion for it at SITEX...
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    going past gantry without cashcard

    how much fine and will have demerits?
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    looking for a jigsaw puzzle

    winnie the pooh hugging christopher robins. on display at the suntec jigsaw shop but nowhere to be found in sg. anyone know where to get it? be it in sg or online, pls tell me thanks! also any big jigsaw shops other than the jigsaw puzzle world chain?
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    film for my bintan trip

    mainly people with scenery. portrait film? how about the kodak ones in the packs of 5? is 5 enough for a moderately trigger-happy person?
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    Banyan Tree at Bintan

    who has stayed there before? can give some reviews? is it worth the price? planning to go next month. its not a diving/snorkelling trip, i plan to just laze around enjoying the surroundings. also, i concluded that 2 nights at Banyan Tree is too costly, so i decided to stay at a cheaper place...
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    Classic PC games

    I'm looking to re-live my childhood by playing some old games. 1)King's/Space Quest series 2)Leisure Suit Larry series 3)Indiana Jones 3 : The Last Crusade (not the arcade game, the adventure one) 4)Indy Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Anyone knows where to get them? Online or offline?
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    car audio systems

    hi guys, need some advice here. i know almost nuts about car hifi systems. can anyone make some general recommendations? which brand for instance? i'm looking, if possible, for MP3, CD, and MD playback. if MD not possible, can also. how much would such a system cost? including speakers...
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    What is Flash Exposure Compensation? and other Speedlite qns

    I have a EOS 30. Firstly, what is FEC? Is it a function on the camera or the flash? Do both 420EX and 550EX support it? Second, what are the main features that 550EX has but 420EX doesn't besides being bigger and more powerful? I've read up but don't really understand what these features...
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    Post Botanical Gardens reception

    Today's BG outing saw a pretty big turnout, but the joy of seeing new faces was soon dampened by the rain. We proceeded to Macs for a post BG reception. Some interesting facts first: 1) Keito did not take a single shot 2) Ziploc chose to ignore the rain and stayed back for 1 roll of shots...
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    metering for sunrise/sunset shots and night shots

    how do u guys go about taking such shots? 1) for sunrise/sunset, do u just compose, use evaluative metering or you partial meter somewhere else? how about under/overexpose? for eg, to get the rich colours. 2) for night shots, eg some buildings at the bottom with the moon above it...
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    qns on SB-24 speedlight

    i have this old speedlight and wonder what is the mode that has the 3 flash symbols? it is not the A, M and TTL. after switching to that mode, there is something like 1-10 Hz, 3-9Hz, what are these settings for?
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    can i keep my slides in my camera dry cabinet?

    would it be better or worse inside the dry cabinet at abt 45-50% RH? if not where else to keep them?
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    Beautiful Schnauzer

    A picture taken during the dog show held at SICC. 'Scanned' from Provia 100F using Casio 2900UX. Canon EOS 30 + 50mm/f1.8. Settings F1.8 Shutter unknown. Retouched using EdgeSharpen and NoiseRemoval by StreetShooter. Comments welcomed.