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    Ian Fisher : American Soldier

    Very good series of photos and story: This is how an American soldier is made. For 27 months, Ian Fisher, his parents and friends, and the U.S. Army allowed Denver Post reporters and a photographer to watch and chronicle his recruitment, induction, training, deployment, and, finally, his...
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    Blue Angels @ Sea Fair Seattle 2009

    Here are my takes for this year. D200 + 80-200 f/2.8 + 2x tele converter. Thanks for viewing! -Roy
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    Some "drive by shooting" with LX3...:)
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    I found out yesterday that my ebay account was locked, and the reason given was that my account was accessed by someone else. So I went through the live help chat twice, spent about 1 hour, and finally got my account restored yesterday afternoon. Today when I signed in again, guess what, my...
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    Filter question...please advice

    Hi, Canon has a filter set FS-72U that consists of 3 72mm filters: UV, CPL and ND. It is for the video camera XL lenses. Can someone tell me if this is usable on SLR lenses? Will the thread pitch match standard 72mm SLR...
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    Test test test test
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    Guangzhou Mausoleum of the 72 Martyrs - 72

    Was in Guanzhou this year, and visited the Mausoleum of the 72 Martyrs. It happened to be the weekend before QingMing (清明) and there were many there to pay their respect to the martyrs. Entrance: An elderly man practicing calligraphy. His brush is a stick with a piece of...
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    Watch out for the bird!

    Went to the Blue Angel Air Show last month at Seattle, and caught this interesting scene: Your comments are welcomed! Thanks for viewing! -Roy
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    Can anyone help me identify this music?

    Have been haunted by this melody for years...:embrass: Can any kind soul help me identify it? Thanks! -Roy
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    International Kite Festival, Long Beach, Washington

    Was there last year with my family, had so much fun that we decided to go back there again this year. Here are some pictures of the kites:
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    North Head Lighthouse, Washington

    Was there last weekend with my family. Here are some pictures I took: The lighthouse: Surrounding landscape: Comments are welcomed! Information on the lighthouse: Thanks! -Roy
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    My sons Keven and Kelsen

    A casual shot taken at home, hope you like it. :)
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    Some snaps from Taipei

    Was in Taipei for work realted travel back in Mar. A friend brought me to Palace Museum and Yang Ming Shan on a weekend. Here are some pictures to share: 1. Lion statue at Palace Museum: 2. Entrance of the museum: 3. Panoramic view of the entrance:
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    WTBuy: Others - Seagull 1x - 2.5x right angle finder

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Seagull Equipment Model: 1x - 2.5x right angle finder Budget (S$): $60 Description: Hi, I am looking for an excellent condition Seagull right angle finder with 1x and 2.5x magnification, with the set of...
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    Impressive woman from China

    asFaNE9jlrg Even if you cannot understand cantonese or mandarin you will be impressed by this woman from China.
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    Windows Vista problem...anyone can advice?

    Hi, I have a Dell PC (Inspiron 530 with Intel quad core processor) running Vista Home Basic. Today I turned on my PC and found that the mouse and keyboard stopped working. I tried another USB mouse and Vista responded by asking for installation disc for unknown devices. Seems like...
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    A friend's daughter: Thanks for viewing! -Roy
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    Advice for piano purchase please...

    Can I get your comments on the Kawai K-3 upright piano? What is the price in Singapore? Thanks! -Roy
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    Where to buy handphone housing?

    Hi, May I know where can I buy new handphone replacement housing in Singapore? I have a scratched up Sony Ericsson W810i and would like to replace the housing to give it a face lift. Not referring to add on carriers or shells, but the actual housing of the phone itself. Are there shops...
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    Me Gundam too...

    1:100 scale MG RX-78-4. I am new to Gundam, so I am not familiar with the story at all. Just like fixing the models. Bought this in Taipei in Feb, and took around 3 hours to assemble it. Have not put on the decals yet. The MG models are really very detailed and flexible. Your comments...