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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 40D and kit EF-S 17-85mm (Near Mint)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 40D and kit EF-S 17-85mm (Near Mint) Price (S$): Offer Description: Offering a practically mint body, kit EF-S 17-85mm F/4-5.6 IS USM lens, and the original canon box accessories. Very...
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    My Mars shot is crappy!

    Pathetic! Hopeless! Taken with a 58mm piece of Silicon dioxide.
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    Teach me about B&W!

    I will be getting my hands on a darkroom next week, so, can you guys give me any tutorials/tips/pointers about developing b&w and b&w pictures in general? If you have informative bookmarks about it, I'll really appriciate it too. Thanks! :)
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    Going to SEED

    I'm bored, thus I decide to go for seed now. Any interesting stuff to shoot today?
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    Where to get: Cheapest 2CR5 battery?

    Cheapskate-ness at work again. :p According to the battery I have now, its a Sanyo "Made in Japan" one. :thumbsup:
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    Help!! My SLR spoilt??

    Its like this, I tried shooting at 1/3000, and the camera stops halfway (clerk - mirror snaps up and then HANGS there) and the LCD goes out, and the battery blinks. Same with 1/4000. However, if I press the shutter again, the previous shutter operation completes (clack - mirror resets) and...
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    I have joined the dark side...

    Don't :o Don't :cry: Else I will be a bit :embrass: okay. ;p
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    n00b's Sickma 28-70 f2.8 and more questions

    I should think I'll be joining the dark side soon. With a cheapskate EOS 50 of course, but its still dark side, right? :embrass: I'd like to know what u guys think of this lens (Sickma 28-70 f2.8). How is it? Good value for about $380 2nd hand? I'd also like to know your opinions for...
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    Sony Tele 1.7x VCL-HGD1758 Test Shots

    Test Shots from Sony Gallery, with Sony F707 and 58mm B+W UV filter attached. Images displayed have only been resized. Wide, 9.7mm Full Sized Image (>1MB) 15mm Full Sized Image (>1MB) 20mm Full Sized Image (>1MB) 48mm Full Sized Image (>1MB)
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    Slide Adapter for scanners - Is it necessary?

    Can I just place my negatives in my flat bed scanner, instead of using the adapter? This is as I am too cheapskate to buy the adapter, for I am only scanning a few frames. Will the quality be very bad? Thanks and regards.
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    New Sony 58mm 1.7x Lens - Pretty Good too!

    Check: "I see a little vignetting on the half zoom... a bit more zoom the vignetting would disappear. The full zoom looks great." "Absolutely better than...
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    MO: Laptop Hard Disks - Indication of Interest (For your xdrive?)

    This thread is a preliminary thread so I can gather how many are interested in getting a laptop harddrive for their new xdrive or otherwise. I am looking at the IBM 20GB 4200RPM model, it would seem to me that it offers the greatest value. Its selling at simlim square for about $160, so I...
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    Lousy Fireworks Shots (13 Oct)

    ISO 100 F8 10s ISO 100 F8 10s ISO 100 F8 10s ISO 100 F8 3s Feel free to give your comments! :)
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    How would fireworks turn out if taken in IR?

    Would it just be a white streak, or would certain colours become brighter than others cos different metals burn at different temperatures? Thinking of trying out during the fireworks on the 12th. :D
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    Esplanade Opening: Rumor of 30 mins of Fireworks?

    Unconfirmed rumor. Uncomfirmed, rumored details: Time: 1015 Date: 12 October 2002, Saturday Location: Dunno, Nicholl bridge area? If its really 30 mins, really worth going. :eek:
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    L Brackets

    Any idea where to find/buy them? Are they expensive? Asking this on behalf of someone who wants an external flash with his compact. :)
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    Help! Studio-like lighting

    I need to take potraits for school, but I do not have any external flash. Can someone offer some cheap solutions for lighting? I'm thinking of pointing normal light blubs against umberllas, will that work? Equiepment: F707 Better yet, if you can lend/loan me some equiepment, that would be...
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    Highly rated GN Slave Flash -- Compatible with digital cameras

    If you're interested in a slave flash that fires on the 2nd flash after the 1st metering flash done by your digital camera, do check this out: Thanks.
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    MASS ORDER: High GN Slave flash suitable for digital camera

    Hi to all, Due to the lack of suitable, low priced slave flashes on the market for digital cameras, I am custom making this flash from Suntax. More orders will help drive the price down. At the same time can help fellow clubsnappers get a nice affordable slave flash. :) Suntax Slave...