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  1. darr

    WTBuy: Others - Sony/Canon DPP-F800 or Selphy 790

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Sony/Canon Equipment Model: DPP-F800 or Selphy 790 Budget (S$): 150-200 Description: Looking for the above, brand new or at least with some warranty left. Real Name: Darren Warranty Status: valid
  2. darr

    Duracell 1-hour Charger?

    Anyone purchased this bundle from Carrefour? It cost $59.90 with a Braun AA-batt toothbrush. I read the label behind and it only states 1 hour charging with 1-4 batt. Rather sparse info and the batteries supplied are 2030mAh. I searched the internet to no avail but found Duracell got a 30-min...
  3. darr

    Quick Review: Longbow MICRA Luxeon Torch

    Longbow Micra – no frills review Light Type:Luxeon StarLight Class: Outdoor/WaterSports Short Description: The Micra is made by a local company, Longbow. The outlook of the torch is rather stylish and no fanciful outlook resulting in a very compact design. It uses the CR123 and...
  4. darr

    Where to Buy Rectangular Graduated ND Filters?

    Not referring to Cokin, as they are not neutral. Looking at Lee and such and at least 90mm wide. Any place to get? I prefer not to get from US.
  5. darr

    CP-200 discount booklet?

    Hi, anyone bought this printer and redeemed the discount booklet? I'm curious what the coupons gives. If it's mainly for printer inks and other consumables then I would be inclined to get the CP-200, as I felt getting the printer at $299 alone is not that worth it.
  6. darr

    'Eyes of EOS' Canon EF Lens Work III

    Anyone gonna do a MO for this item? I interested in the book but I cant collect as I work till very late practically everyday
  7. darr

    EOS 10D eyepiece extender?

    I went CP, 316, AP...all to no avail. I am told that cant even get from Japan. Possible to Canon Spore to bring in? seems there's quite a demand for it, since its not just solely for 10D
  8. darr

    Which portable 4R printer?

    Can anyone share their experience on using portable printers like CP-100 and such? Such as the ink consumption and durability of the prints to sunlight and water. I really like the size of the Sony printers but they only accept MS, those that accept CF are rather bulky. Anyone used the HP...
  9. darr

    Anymore problems with 10D?

    Is the 10D readily available? I planning to buy anytime now. Are there any more minor problems with the 10D? I really don't want the hassle of keep going to the service center....waste of petrol and time.
  10. darr

    Maha NEW MH-C401FS 100min charger

    New from Maha, 100min charger! 1000mA charging and 50mA trickle charging. Ain't cheap though, full kit with travel charger, car charger and 4x1800mH cost US$59...but then again it looks good value. Comparison among their...
  11. darr

    How much to clean lens?

    Guess it's my turn. All the while I been lending lenses to those in need, last week when I was cleaning my equipment I found my most circulated lens having fungus on the element just behind the lens element, it looks like initial stage but I'm not sure how much it has eroded in. The lens is a...
  12. darr

    Where to get cheap slide sleeves.

    Any idea where to get them cheap? I dont need those very fancy ones, like those at Cathay are too expensive. I need the sleeves for temporary archiving only. Thanks Darren
  13. darr

    Lotus at Botanic Gardens