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    WTBuy: Compact - Panasonic LX7 Autocap (JJC or any other brand)

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Compact Equipment Brand: Panasonic Equipment Model: LX7 Autocap (JJC or any other brand) Budget (S$): Your offer Description: Anyone has a spare good condition LX7 autocap from the LX7 that you are about to sell or just an extra one...
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    Main Photog+videographer services for Singapore wedding AD full day - 22 Oct 2011

    Would like to enquire on rates and availability for the following requirements: Date: 22 Oct 2011 (Sat) Times: 0700-1100h and 1730-2330h Locations: Tg Pagar, River Valley(morning-groom and bride's homes) and Orchard (in hotel for Solemnisation+Dinner) areas Services: Photography+video -...
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    best place to buy an extra battery for LX5 ?

    Wow... I've never paid more than $30 for any OEM PRC battery. I got my OEM backup for my LX5 at SLRR... $17 and it does the job ok. I've been getting OEM batteries from there in recent years including when they were off-loading LX3 OEMS for $6 a piece! My OEMs do the heavy work while the...
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    Photographer services for Singapore wedding AD full day - 22 Oct 2011

    Would like to enquire on rates and availability for the following requirements: Date: 22 Oct 2011 (Sat) Times: 0800-1100h and 1730-2330h Locations: Tg Pagar, River Valley and Orchard areas (all indoor) Services: Photography - AD morning (groom and bride homes) and evening (solemnisation +...
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    Do not buy from Worldwide Cameras Centre at Peninsula Plaza, #01-38

    This shop has been around for decades. I remember buying an EOS 620 in the 80s when the shop was still located along the North Bridge Road side of Peninsula Plaza. That time I was still a JC kid who was shopping for my first real SLR and they sold me the kit without a proper warranty card...
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    Gored in the throat during bullfight

    It is basically a ritual killing of the bull so in a way, the bull gets some glory by going out in a fight with Man. I attended a bullfight at the exact same stadium Plaza de Toros las Ventas in Madrid and the thing that you can't experience in pictures is the smell of sweat and blood...
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    D40 with a 18-200mm/18-105mm/55-200mm lens?

    What I've always done in such situations is to have a wide-angle compact at hand at all times. Need to take a snap shot in a situation when your SLR is not fitted with a wider lens? Snap out the compact for a quick shot.
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    WTBuy: DSLR - Nikon D40/40x/60 body

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: D40/40x/60 body Budget (S$): Your Quote Description: WTB Nikon D40/40x/60 body only. Will also consider kits. Please provide the usual details like...
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    55-200mm VR for soccer shot?

    If your event is taking place with good sunlight, it is very easy to get good action shots at 200mm. Remember to have a fast SD card with good capacity. Set to motordrive and fire off bursts at the D40's decent 2.5 fps. You will have an excellent chance of grabbing a good frame or two from...
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    Anyone switch from Nikon to Canon?

    I'm sure that there are many who are like me... not brand loyal one :p I own Nikon, Canon, Pentax systems and a variety of bridge and compacts across the brands like Olympus, Yashica, Polariod, Ricoh, Kodak, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic Lumix... and I'm only an average hobbyist at best.:p
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    How Many Nikon Camera do you own?

    Haolian thread? The following are the cameras I've owned (those that I can remember) :o...not including the throwaway one-use film cameras... Nikon F301, F801, FM2, 35Ti Coolpix 2100, 5400 D50, D40 Lumix FZ30 Canon AE-1, EOS620, EOS10QD, EOS 500, EOS5QD A40, A70, 860IS Ixus, G2...
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    Bid $280 cash for your Nikon 55-200mm lens VR + UV filter. Wish to deal today Sunday as I'm...

    Bid $280 cash for your Nikon 55-200mm lens VR + UV filter. Wish to deal today Sunday as I'm leaving on Monday. Any contact number? Thanks.
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    WTS: Compact - Nikon 35Ti

    Nice film PnS! Used to own one and the titanium metal body is very cool!:thumbsup:
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    A Store Worth Visiting - T K Foto Trading (Beach Road)

    I tried out TK Foto based on the recommendations here. Didn't leave with a good impression. The small shop was empty other than the an older fella who was constantly on his handphone and a younger guy who was seated in the office (some facial resemblance so I'm guessing they are father and...
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    What lens to bring for travel?

    Also bring a cheapo compact as backup-cum-groupshot camera. In situations where you either think it is unsafe to show-off your "diamonds" publicly or need to ask a stranger to take a touristy picture of you, the wife and mummy saying "cheese", it is better to hand him an A40 etc than your...
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    Wide-Angle Convertor for FZ-30

    Ya school IT budgets are big... pay for all original brand accessories is best :thumbsup: ;p flash, batteries, convertors etc all better get Panasonic only...sacully they blame you if incompatible or if digicam breakdown...
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    Any Good deals on FZ30

    I got my fz30 at Cathay Photo for $990 + gst ($1039.50 total)...must say it is e-quote (or go to their website to request latest e-quote pricing)...Comes with standard freebies: Lumix case + Kingston 256mb SD card. E-quote prices are cash/NETS only. They have both black and titanium silver...
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    Canon CCD problem announcement

    No problem. It is a manufacturer's fault so warranty is not an issue... just like you sometimes read about car recalls for safety/design faults in certain models. Not bought in SG they will also repair. Most A70s should be over a year old anyway.
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    Canon CCD problem announcement

    I asked the canon counter staff about refunds for those who have paid for repairing the ccd fault. The fella said that the customer will have to visit the Harbourfront repair office with their invoice from that repair. Once they confirm from their records that this is due to a similar problem...
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    No more exchange program of A70

    :bsmilie: :bigeyes: :rolleyes: you are really in the wrong business... service and reputation is number one... only then will the profits roll in. Maybe if you are selling $1 char kuay teow or half-price pasar malam store then customers will bochup even a basic smile.... not if one is selling...