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    Price for Olympus Remote Control

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    Who Are You?

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    Suggestion for a new digicam

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new compact digicam to replace my current one (my avatar :)) Originally was considering Olympus SP-350 but I heard that the picture quality is not that good and from a review, picture taken at the widest angle is a bit blur? Budget: Less than $800 Requirement: -...
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    Time To Upgrade?

    I'm still holding on to my C2040Z for now. However due to the size factor now (after adding the convertor), I find myself using it lesser and lesser nowadays..... Is C2040Z still worth to hold on? Or is there any Oly compact camera out there (with manual controls) that I can buy to...
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    Smartmedia Card

    Is it still possible to purchase new smartmedia cards nowadays? Or is it high time I change to a new camera? I'm still holding on to a C2040Z now :P
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    Price for a 2nd Hand Oly C2040Z

    Just chking if I will to sell off 1.5 yr old C2040Z, still got ppl wanna buy or not? If yes, about how much can I sell it for? Thanks....
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    Looking for a Compact Camera

    Hi all, Long time no see to those who know me :D Just wanna check, for a budget between $600 ~ $700, is there any compact digicam that is available now more for ladies? One I know is the Oly Mju-300. Don't need too complex one, normal P&S can also do. Just that pic quality must be...
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    Olympus Service Centre Moved?!

    Hi all, Long time no see Olympians :) BTW I just checked out the address of the Olympus Service Centre, seems to have move to North Bridge road instead? Has it just move recently? And also, due to a stupid accident, one of my battery cover side joint was snapped off. Thus the cover will...
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    After the rain...

    Taken at Nature Reserve:
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    Spider and Cricket

    I hate spiders but really can't miss this opportunity :D Actual Size A cricket: Actual Size Please comment, thanks....
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    Taken in Langkawi too. Just happen to notice the nice reflection so I experiment and took some shots :) Taken around 7.40pm+ at Langkawi sunset time. On my new wide angle lens :D This one was taken in the morning. Now it's my sun glass! Comments if any, thanks!
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    My Langkawi shots at reptiles

    Hi all, Been long time since I post some pics here. Just been to Langkawi and taken a lot of photos :) Below are part of the reptile/sealife shots I've taken while in the famous aquarium (I think?) This is actually a frog! :) Your normal iguana.
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    Passport size photos

    Hi all, Have tried searching for the above post b4 but do not quite understand. Just need to ask if I take a human potrait in 1200 x 1600, what size should I resize it in order for the shop to print for me in passport size? Thanks a lot for any assistance!
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    Any charger to recommend? dad spoilt my Oly quick charger and I have to look for one alternative fast, running out of batteries soon :cry: Anyone can recommend a good fast charger that's not to exp like the Oly one? How about the Sony 1 hr charger? Lastly, can a Ni-CD charger charge Ni-MH batteries...
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    Panning really difficult....

    Finally took the courage to stand by a road side to try some panning shots :D Tried taking about 20+ shots and I've tried to remember what the steps are to take but's really difficult..... Below are the only 3 that came out decent but not as good as Tweek last time post one...
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    New results of Hot Pixels

    Hi fellow Olympians, I FINALLY manage to find time to go down to Oly Singapore today to remap my hot pixels. It seems like that Mr. Goh is really full time remapping hot pixels for cust as the receptionist immediately call him when I ask for the remapping service. Below is my new results...
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    Oly's Digicam Course on 22nd May

    Hiya guys, Finally received the letter from Oly Singapore regarding the free digicam course. Anyone of you received the letter and is going this Wed, 22nd May?
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    Need help with my sky shots

    Have taken some sky shots today and put it at my pbase account as think will be easier for all to see: Am using a circular polariser for all this shots. I dunno is it me or wat but does all my sky shots looks grainy? I've already set the ISO...
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    Circular Polariser and UV Filter

    Hi all, I've got 1 circular polariser and 1 UV filter. I know that the polariser is used for cutting down reflections and making sky shots "bluer" (how come circular?) I also know that UV filter is for cutting those UV sunlights when taking day shots. Problem is, when should I use...