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    Tulip Festival in Melbourne

    Some photos taken at a Tulip Festival in Melbourne last year. Critiques and comments much appreciated :) 1. 2. 3.
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    Chelsea halftime team talk

    Here's the halftime team talk from Stamford Bridge by Jose Mourinho...
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    Town/Road Names

    Does anyone know where I can find information or history as to how a town or road got its name in Singapore? Do I look up the National Heritage Board, LTA or some other government dept?
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    Moon Rise @ Ayers Rock!

    Managed to capture the full moon rising behind the Ayers Rock during my trip there last July. Constructive comments appreciated :)
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    What to look at when choosing a wide angle lens?

    What are the stuff that I should look at when choosing a wide angle lens? Will a bigger or smaller appature be better? Wat's the difference between a 28mm and 35mm wide angle lens? Just wanna know how these stuff affects the photo. Cheers!
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    Assorted Melbourne Photos 2

    Fireworks @ The Moomba Fest (My first attempt at shooting fireworks. Shot both handheld.)
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    Assorted Melbourne Photos

    Managed to shoot some more photos over the past few weeks. Finally found some time to upload these few. :) The Flinders Street Station Junction Holy Sheet! - A Bed Linen Shop in St. Kilda
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    St Kilda Beach in Melbourne

    Have just moved over to Melbourne and just got settled down. Finally had a chance to go out and take some photos. So I went over to the St Kilda Beach on Sunday and snapped away... :D :D
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    Cathay Photo closing time on Christmas eve?

    What time do they close on Tuesday, Christmas eve?
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    Somewhere in Chinatown...

    Was walking around Chinatown snapping away on Sat when I noticed this... :D
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    Zoom Lens - Need Advice

    I'm planning to buy a zoom lens but not sure which and where to get it. Can be 1st or 2nd hand but can't be too ex. Budget ard $300. Actually looking at either the AF 70-210mm/4.5-5.6 II or the AF 80-200mm/4.5-5.6 Advice pls. Thanks Much ! :)
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    Batt for IXUS 330

    Are there any 3rd party batteries for the IXUS 330? How much does it cost? The original batt from Canon cost $79, so am now looking for a cheaper alternative. Thanks in advance!
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    Suggestions for dinner place

    Need ideas for a nice romantic dinner for my gf's b'day. Any suggestions?
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    Minolta Service Centre

    Will I be charged if I send in my camera to them to check on my AF/MF problem? I know they don't charge for repairs as they charge only for replacement parts.
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    How to calibrate monitor?

    How to calibrate my monitor? Thank U :D
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    Scan negatives

    Are they any labs that can scan my negatives into digital? How much do they charge?
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    Sunflowers I planted outside my house....
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    What's wrong with this pic?

    Click here and help me check what's wrong with this pic.... :D