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    Manfrotto 3036/475 tripod top 3/8" screw

    Hi guys, For those of you who has the Bogen/Manfrotto 3036 or Manfrotto 475 tripod, you know that there is a 3/8" screw at the top of the tripod. I would like to know if the length of this 3/8" screw can be extended? Can some adjustment be made somewhere in the tripod to extend the length of...
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    International Space Station and Sun

    Forget all your earthly photos...check this one out Taken using an amateur telecope and a normal solar filter.
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    Tripod repair -- anyone does this?

    Hi guys, I have a video tripod Bogen/manfrotto 3036. However, one of the upper leg locking collar screw is damaged. Is there any local shop that sell the replacement parts or does such repairs? Thanks
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    can edit post?

    Hi, Why is is postings at the Buy and Sell forum can't be edited? I find that really inconvenient.
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    Singapore Astronomy Forum

    Hi guys, The Yahoogroup singastro guys have finally created a web-base forum site for the convenience of everyone. These are the guys that organised the MarsWatch sessions for public last time. For those interested in astronomy or astrophotography, you should check out and support this...
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    Mars at opposition....image using webcam

    Finally I got to process some of my frames. Here is one with 336 images stacked! Not the best effort, but most of the surface features of Mars are there. You can even see a small dark crater at the lower right corner I still have thousands of frames at home..will do later
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    The Great Orion Nebula

    Shot this last night. Poor tracking and Singapore's bright sky made this difficult, nevertheless it's a good first try using 10D on super-dim deep sky objects in Singapore this object is 1,500 light years away and here is one in B&W. Kind of nicer Here are the ones taken at...
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    A better Mars

    Took Mars again last night, and finally got a better image : the first one is this, which I think is poorer:
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    Mars on 22/08/03

    Mars is even closer here is a shot of it:
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    Mars Watch 2 at Bedok Reservoir

    Hi all, For the first time in 59,000 years, mars will be closest to us. As such, the Singapore Astronomy group will be organising a mars Watch session at Bedok reservoir on the 23/8/03 Plenty of scopes will be on display. You can also find out yourself how we use digicam to take astro...
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    Picture of Mars and Moon

    Since Mars is so near now, thought I should take a shot at it. Here is one without any stack, just single frame The white patch on the left is the ice polar cap. At the same time, also took a moon shot
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    Planet Jupiter

    Took this with Wai on Saturday. Nikon CP 4500 with LX-90 telescope. The Great Red Spot was about to "reappear" on the top left hand corner.
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    Flying over the moon

    All taken with Nikon CP 4500. Crater rays..... Terminator line, the separation line betwen darkness and brightness. Crater Tycho....brightest crater on the moon Velveting details on the terminator. Got lots more..but guess it's enough for here.
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    Jupiter and her moons

    Took for fun. Raw picture, no processing nothing. 4 main moons of Jupiter. Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. The picture not very nice because didn't have the intention to take it in the first place, so didn't prepare the right stuff for it. Actually to take nice ones will be very...
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    Jupiter and Saturn retried........

    First time in 3 weeks the sky clears..but still not that good enough. Pictures below were taken through clouds. Jupiter Stack of 25 images.....great red spot not seen. It's on the other side of the planet Saturn Stack of 18 pictures. Got noise, not that good. Need to further...
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    After Saturn, now for the biggest planet , Jupiter

    Taken by kamwai again, a stack of about 11 pictures using Canon D30 The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is marked above.
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    Big Saturn

    Taken by kamwai, a stack of 36 pictures.
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    A much better Planet Saturn

    My friend snapped this using CoolPix 4500...a much better saturn this time: The separation between the rings (Cassini's Division) and the banding on the Planet's surface is much obvious now
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    Truly out of this of Saturn

    Taken using coolpix 4500. Very difficult to get the right focus and exposure. The planet size is like a pin head on my LCD screen. Anyway, first try..hope to improve next time