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    Who's rights will it be?

    I find it exceptionally interesting that you are questioning Vince's right to verfiy as to what, which or whereabouts your authorities are located. We come to this forum, each wanting to know more, learn more. And per the Socratic method, what better way then to ask and question? And...
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    Who's rights will it be?

    I regret that I will not be engagging in an intellectual debate. For the purposes of this debate, it seems that some of us are out to win in our convictions or stance. I regret having neither the time nor interest in the above. Essentially, as any prudent man would do or advice, seek...
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    Who's rights will it be?

    I would be hard pressed to think of an entity that will waive away its rights in an instance like this. From the start of the postings, the concern obviously relates to the question of whether an author has a right to his works when such had been contracted. If my "inquiry from this...
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    Who's rights will it be?

    Haha. It was a phone conversation. And assuming that it had been an electronic correspondance, I'm certain you'd respect Legal Privilege O.. but to clarify things, I had made the enquiry on behalf of the author / creator / entity that originated, composed or developed the works...
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    Who's rights will it be?

    I write to you from over 12 000 miles away and after a LONG absence from this board. In regard earlier posts, I would forewarn certain individuals NOT to take what they see online as being the authorative law of the / your land. In the United States of America, Adultry is a criminal...
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    Question on Humidity and Dry Storage

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    Photographer's or Model's rights?

    Glanced thru the discussion... I do not think the issue is if a Model Release Form is utilized a not. Think the discussion is about "random shootings made in public" Of course, random... for the purposes of "denying intention" Cheers
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    Wedding photo copyright & bridal shop

    Adding to Vince: _____________________________________________________________________________ Hi, May be just let me add some points here if I am not wrong. Base on any project that involve model and photographer, there are 2 'Rights', the photographer right and the model right. In...
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    Equipment Insurance

    Hm.. in that case, it does look like UK- USA offers a much better deal for insurance premiums. Hm..sad sad.
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    Equipment Insurance

    Hey guys ... Anyone here is presently paying premiums for equipment coverage for their Camera and Accessories? Am looknig for one that covers against theft-loss, damage blabla... Notice that there are such available services in UK and America but am having problems locating one in...
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    NDP Photographers wanted for CS Online Magazine

    Greetings. I am presently in the NDP OS committee and have seen NDP thru the last 9 months. Will definately be taking photos for all the events - open and closed (to public) and therefore would certainly love to contribute. You do not need to count me in as one of the 5 members...
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    Public Apology

    IN DEFENSE OF ROTI… Much as Roti' actions had been wrong, there lies in me a deep sadness for the attacks that he is facing in this community. While not trying to belittle the seriousness of "passing off", I beg you all to bear in mind that this is but the actions of a young teen...
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    what is the difference between Gary Fong's Lightsphere and Stofen Omnibounce

    Hm... interesting. I am using the PJ LSII, but I have never heard of the omnibounce as "buay tahan". Have actually received great reviews on the omni and had seriously considered it. After al, its half the price of a LSII. Anyhow, i LOVE the bounce effect that LSII produces and beyond...
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    For Rent: Canon EOS 30D

    Hey dude. Though I have yet to rent from you any equipment..having pulld out at the VERY LAST MINUTE previously... My various posts have been (expressing) truly appreciative of your various services and offers... and now, this one holds you in High Esteem. Imagine loaning out...
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    MO: GretagMacbeth Pantone Huey

    I think its sad if anyone doubts you or your kind attention(s). Well, all that concerns me, as it does most, is the issue of cost. Wish you the best possible replies from your suppliers Cheers
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    BG-E3 Qn.

    From what I recall, some shop had provided me a quote on the batt holder and it wasant expensive. Nothing close to $50.. think its about $10-20 odd. Of course, I may recall wrongly. Grins
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    Looking for Wedding Photographer

    Greetings, Sir I had provided a proposal, together with a sample of previous works, to your email address. Thank you
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    MO: Gretagmacbeth Display Calibrator @ $160

    1. Larry 2. [reserved via PM] 3. lalalasummer 4. Space 5. Madmax 6. Lmodel 7. Sector65 8. rafiano 9. Cheesecake 10.Bleuwhale
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    MO: GretagMacbeth Pantone Huey

    I look fwd to your new pricing and the indication as to the difference between the US-Asia edition. Till then, I believe the orders are pending and unconfirmed. Pls advice
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    MO: GretagMacbeth Pantone Huey

    I have no rush.. more people, cheper price..I'm all up for it man