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  1. sumball

    Shooting with expired films

    Hi, When we shoot with expired film (close to 5 years), do we need to compensate the ISO ie. ISO 400 film and shoot at ISO 100 etc? Thanks in advance. Chee Ming
  2. sumball

    1DIII vs 5DII

    Sorry as I have lost touch with the current line up. I intend to upgrade my 1D2 and now looking at either a 1D3 or a 5D2 as the used price for a 1D3 is similiar to the new 5D2. So, I need advices on which body should I go for now? I am more on a macro shooter and shoot landscape occasionally...
  3. sumball

    Butterflies - 19062010

    1. 2, 3. 4. 5.
  4. sumball


    Common Mormon.
  5. sumball

    One common DF

    Shot at Hort Park yesterday. :)
  6. sumball

    Outing Butterflies on 13 Jun 2010

    Went for an outing to Hortpark with old and new kakis this morning and sharing these shots taken today. Comments are welcomed. Thanks & regards, CM
  7. sumball

    Dragon Tail

    Check out how this dragon tail butterfly expels the excessive water from it body after taking the mineral from the soil. Regards, CM
  8. sumball

    Old shots II

    con't 1. 2. 3. 4.
  9. sumball

    Old shots

    1. 2. 3.
  10. sumball

    Remote Cable

    Hi, Just to check if anyone knows the price for the Oly RM-UC1 Remote Cable? Thanks!
  11. sumball

    Nectar on a hot day

    Chance upon this Tawny Coster last Sunday. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  12. sumball

    The mating robberfly

    Went out for a short walk after hibernating for quite some time. Thanks!
  13. sumball

    IR possible on EP1?

    Just wondering if anyone tries? :)
  14. sumball

    An old Cycad Blue

    Well, I mean a photo taken a year ago. Now then I have some times to process the shot. Hope you will like it. Regards CM
  15. sumball

    Life history of a skipper

    It has been long time since my last post. Just to share this skipper's life history. ID TBC, should be Baoris sp. Regards CM Egg First instar Second instar Third instar Forth instar
  16. sumball


    Sharing some shots taken yesterday with a PnS. Thanks!
  17. sumball

    Sunset on 18 Jan 2008

    Just two humble shots. Thank you!
  18. sumball

    MacRitchie Macro

    Some shots for the new year. All shots taken hand held with 1D2, T180, 580EX2. Hope you'll like them. Regards CM 1. Shining palm. See the sun shining only at the palm and create this interesting shadow on the ground. No PP for the vignetting effect. 2. An interesting bug having his prey...
  19. sumball

    Two spiders

    Shot yesterday. Regards CM
  20. sumball

    Last sunset in 2007

    Hope you'll like 'em. Happy new year 2008! Regards CM Urban Sunset 1. 2. 3.