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  1. sumball

    Shooting with expired films

    Thank you for the replies. Yet to dig out my film cameras, will do so and feedback accordingly. Cheers! CM
  2. sumball

    Shooting with expired films

    Hi, When we shoot with expired film (close to 5 years), do we need to compensate the ISO ie. ISO 400 film and shoot at ISO 100 etc? Thanks in advance. Chee Ming
  3. sumball

    1DIII vs 5DII

    Thanks all for the advices. Although I am going to upgrade but this does not mean to replace my trusted 1D2 which is still a very decent body. The feel of a 1D series is totally different. Main issue will be the noise control as the max I can use on the 1D2 will be 800, anything beyond 800...
  4. sumball

    1DIII vs 5DII

    hmm,.. 1Ds2 huh? How much is the used copy now? Btw, i already owned 16-35, 15mm FE, and 24-70, with 70-200 for the long side...
  5. sumball

    1DIII vs 5DII

    Sorry as I have lost touch with the current line up. I intend to upgrade my 1D2 and now looking at either a 1D3 or a 5D2 as the used price for a 1D3 is similiar to the new 5D2. So, I need advices on which body should I go for now? I am more on a macro shooter and shoot landscape occasionally...
  6. sumball

    Close Up with my camera [dykat2009]

    Some nice shots, David but, why 2009? You make me feels to bring out my MPE65 to the field.
  7. sumball

    That Orange butterfly/moth

    The last 2 are butterfly.
  8. sumball

    [Jacobs]Ang Mo Kio Park Macro Photography Outing (Photo)

    I believe you guys went to the AMK West Town Park, which surely bring back some of my good memories when I started my macro photography. :)
  9. sumball

    Lizard eye and cat face

    Nice one, Kurt.
  10. sumball

    Soon..I'm a Beauty...

    You are right, LC. The Atlas moth.
  11. sumball

    7d latest pricing

    Mean the salesman will exercise the rights on your behalf and pocket the profit?
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  13. sumball

    ladybrid fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The lost shot is excellent!
  14. sumball

    Reflection of a Scarlet Darter

    I like the second shot very much. Thanks for sharing.
  15. sumball


    Nice series, Kurt!
  16. sumball

    Macro from Mandai Orchid Garden (MOG)

    That's a butterfly.
  17. sumball

    Asian Flower Mantis

    Nice lighting as usual.
  18. sumball

    Macro (i'm new)

    Do use flash to bring up the hidden details. Good example will be shot #2. It would be all dark with no flash.
  19. sumball

    Is he posing for me...?

    Interesting shots.