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    WTSell: Rangefinder - Leica Leica m7 0.58

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Rangefinder Brand: Leica Short Description: Leica m7 0.58 Price (S$): 2900 Condition of Item(s): 10 Detailed Description: Very under-used and well-maintained black Leica m7 0.58. Perfect working condition with hardly any user marks...
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    WTSell: Lens - Nikon 24mm f/1.4G

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: 24mm f/1.4G Price (S$): 1350 Description: Pristine condition 24mm to sell. Hardly used. Always in dry cabinet. Out of warranty. Full box/hood. Whatsapp Real Name: YH...
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    WTSell: Lens - Nikon Nikon 24mm f/1.4G

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Lens Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: Nikon 24mm f/1.4G Price (S$): 1750 Description: Almost brand new condition Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G lens to sell. Used only once. No dust, scratches or marks. Lens that produces beautiful...
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    WTSell: DSLR - Nikon D810, D750, Lenses and Flash

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Nikon Equipment Model: D810, D750, Lenses and Flash Price (S$): See List Description: Selling mint condition Nikon gear because they are hardly used Nikon D750 (Shutter count about 550) - $1650 SOLD Comes with...
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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 1Dx

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 1Dx Price (S$): 4000 Description: Canon 1Dx for sale. Used as a 3rd spare body. Shutter count approx 70K. Selling as camera is seldom used now. Light user marks. Price includes spare...
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    Looking for Part-time assistants

    Hi, we are on the lookout for assistants to work on a paid part-time/project-based assignments to help with lights and equipment - typically on weekends for weddings. If you're keen, please drop us an email at Thanks very much! Yu Hsin Tinydot Photography
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    Assistant Needed for 28 July Evening

    Need an assistant for tomorrow's evening wedding - mostly to help with gear and lights. Pls PM me if you're interested. Thanks! Yu Hsin
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    If you ever wanted to experience the life and work of a wedding photographer in an established wedding photography outfit, here's your chance because we're looking for an intern to join us here at Tinydot Photography! You should be hardworking, a self-starter, independent and have a keen...
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    WTSell: Bags - Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 v2.0

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Bags Equipment Brand: Think Tank Equipment Model: Urban Disguise 40 v2.0 Price (S$): 150 Description: Have a brand new Think Tank Urban Disguise 40 v2 for sale. Still wrapped in plastic. More info about this bag at...
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    WTSell: DSLR - Canon 1Ds Mark III

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: 1Ds Mark III Price (S$): $5,700 Description: Good condition 1Ds Mark III for sale. Seldom used. Some light marks and slight brassing on the logos. Real Name: Yu Hsin...
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    Mentor on Rails

    Hey everyone, a few of us wedding photographers from the Wedding Photographers Network (WPN) will be making a train trip to document our route along East Malaysia. As part of our hope to return something to the photographic community, we are offering to mentor 3 deserving photographers during...
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    Apetura Workshop

    We're proud to be hosting two world-class wedding photographers Ray and Erwin who will fly from California to be in Singapore for an exclusive 2-day workshop on 6 and 7 December 2010. Ray & Erwin, of Apertura fame, were named by American Photo as their top 10 wedding photographers. They have...
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    WTSell: Rangefinder - Voigtlander Bessa R4A

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Rangefinder Equipment Brand: Voigtlander Equipment Model: Bessa R4A Price (S$): 780 Fixed Description: Near mint condition R4A to let go. Seldom used with slight user marks. Price is fixed. Side grip included. Can arrange for viewing...
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    WTBuy: Rangefinder - Leica m8.2 or m8u

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Rangefinder Equipment Brand: Leica Equipment Model: m8.2 or m8u Budget (S$): Please quote Description: Hi, Looking for a good condition used m8 or m8u. Please sms me if you have one for sale. Thanks! Yu Hsin
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    Looking for Part-time Assistant

    Tinydot Photography is formed of two international award-winning wedding photographers KC and Yu Hsin who are very passionate about our craft, and who deeply believe that wedding photography is not about the pictures, but about the memories. With a creative eye, quirky sense of humour and a...
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    What would you do?

    The thought of someone using my images as their own work has never crossed my mind before, but it's actually happened to me! A couple who recently met me said they saw the photos I was showing them on the website - 74 of them in fact! I've screen captured all the 74 pages...
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    Fulltime Editor Required

    I'm looking for someone to work fulltime as a photo editor as well to help me with album production. This will be a good opportunity for anyone who is keen to experience the wedding photography business from ground up. You should have some experience with photoshop and raw processing although...
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    Tinydot Bridals

    Here's some recent overseas bridals to share :) In Bali
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    Ivan and Khang Ling

    Ivan and Khang's wedding was a beautiful last wedding of the year for me this 2007. What a wedding it was - complete with emotions, surprises and laughter all around!
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    Roy and Ailin

    Something I did back in October...that's almost how far the backlog is :sweat:...Roy and Ailin's wedding was a joy to capture. They are really some of the nicest people I've come across in my work. I hope you enjoy their images as much, and hopefully it does give a glimpse of what their day was...